I so wanna do this!

(-з-) We all saw this coming! Now I've totally changed my plans on the final work.. The new plan has much lower possibility to success, but I still want to try it!
Okay, the idea is mostly doing a music video like MIYAVIvsKREVA's new music video "STRONG":

And mix it with music of Anna Tsuchiya.. song would be either one of these two:

It looks like that Kämy might prefer the first one, "I'm addicted to you", but we'll see which one he wants to practise. We could play the songs in the future as well, when we've practised as a real band~
"I'm addicted to you" is a bit softer in the bridge and chours and I think it doesn't fit that good with the style of the video, though the tempo is good. I still don't mind if Kämy chooses to practise this over "She hates me"

I still might prefer "She hates me" more, but... we'll see 。゚(T^T)゚。 
I like the tempo on this one more and the style fits better with the video.. BUT the song itself isn't really an issue in this point.. I've got to find out where the heck am I gonna find 30-40 cameras to shoot the whole thing!..
Any ideas?



Happy Birthday, Kazuhiro~!

:..。o○☆゚・お誕生日おめでとうございました~、かずひろさん!*:..。o○☆゚・ (-^□^-)
It's been so long already! m(T~T)m

And I wish I were a millionare! Of course they have to release so many albums at the same time (--w--)
MIYAVI X KREVA releases a single named "Strong" on 5th of the next month, at the same time the GazettE is also releasing their album "TOXIC".. and on 30th of November GACKT releases his new single "Graffiti"... at least I THINK it's a single (笑) It might be a album but I doubt it. And two days back YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz released their first single "THE END OF THE DAY"

I really wish I was rich =w=

Here's some taste for the single, they also started the live in Stockholm with this, if my memory isn't betraying me.

But I also wish that they will continue making new songs with this new crew!
It still has the taste of GACKT, though they are singing in duet. And I like it!

But, bye now~!


Music comes before food.

Here I go again; I bought everything else than food with the only money I have for this month. Tell me something new.
But I still like to show off what I bought!

Here's today's mail!

The truth is, that the bigger one didn't come to me right away; I had to pick it up from my nearest post office. And of course I wouldn't dare to open the other one before I had them both here in my hands!

So, here's what the look like from the outside. I also took some pics from the inside, duh!
Here's a few (click the images to see them in bigger size):
X Japan - Best Of X BOX CD (Japanese press)
I bought this one from huuto.net and it cost only 7,50€ with the posting fees! Normally it costs over 25€

CD#1 Best Of X
  1. Silent Jealousy (LIVE)
  2. Desperate Angel
  3. 紅 
  8. Sadistic Desire
  9. X
  10. Say Anything
 CD#2 Original Back Tracks
  1. Silent Jealousy
  2. Desperate Angel
  3. 紅 
  7. JOKER
  8. Sadistic Desire
  9. X
  10. Say Anything
GACKT - Episode.0 (Japanese press -normal-) (Limited edition was out of print already T_T)

Like I've said before, I'm a very satisfied customer of YesAsia.com and this one is bought from there. It cost 11,21€

  1. Episode.0
  2. Paranoid Doll
  3. Episode.0 (Instrumental)
  4. Paranoid Doll (Instrumental)

GACKT - Are You "FRIED CHICKENz"?? (Japanese press)
 This is also from YesAsia.com and it cost 23,80€
And it has the track UNCONTROL as live version! *in love*

  1. 斬~ZAN~
  5. LU:NA
  6. 君が待っているから 
  10. JESUS
  11. FLOWER
  12. KAGERO
  13. UNCONTROL ♂狂喜乱舞edition♂ (Mar. 21, 2010 LIVE ver.) 
  14. JUSTIFIED (Mar. 21, 2010 LIVE ver.)
And let's not forgot the free Japan Mini Toy I got!
Now I've got lots of some music tracks LEAGALY so I can live happily ever after now (笑)

And of course I let you to see the pic of the ticket to the live of kanonxkanon in Helsinki, Tavastia.
I'll see you there~!


kanonxkanon - here I come!

I've bought the ticket to see their live in Helsinki, at Tavastia club!
So, now I wanna know what should I draw for them? I mean, to GACKT's live I made that sheet and I'd like to do another one for kanonxkanon, but now I'm not really sure what to draw! Do you guys have any ideas?

It might be a bit easier to collect the names this time, because I speak the same language with people in the line up! Oh well, almost everyone in the line in Sweden spoke English, so it was quite easy in there too.

But now I'll go to the shop and start to be nervous about the live concert (over 2 months before the live)!