Sickness, finals and vinyl pants

I seriously need to apologize the lack of updates. For the couple of weeks I've been ill and the finals are eating the rest of my time I've got.

But back to business!

During this time I've managed to write two reviews to JaME Suomi. One about An Cafe's release "amazing blue" and the other about the GazettE's "DIVISION". Both are in Finnish only, so I apologize from the foreign readers.

All the review readers - please, do not take the texts that seriously. Just doing my job and if there's a little or a lot of critique, that doesn't always mean I hate the song. We all have our opinions though~

Today I finished the last part of the English finals. The room was f-ing cold and we had to sit there at least for 3 hours. Hopefully nobody gets sick again because of the air conditioning of the building.