Quick notice - Desucon Frostbite!

This update is mostly for Finnish readers, but if you're planing to visit Finland and Desucon Frostbite in Lahti, this might concern you as well :3


Example of the quality of my work - Esimerkki työni laadusta
I'm taking orders! I'll be selling on 17th (Sunday) of February in 2013, in Desucon Frostbite watercolor portraits of celebrities (I paint on canvas). So far I've got no other examples except for this Ruki, but I hope it gives you some image of the quality of my work and if it pleased you. Price depends on how big is the size of the portrait. However, you can still suggest a price and I'm sure we'll can make an agreement! Leave your message below this blog entry in the comment section and I'll contact you :3
I've already received an order of Reita sized A3! It still doesn't mean that you couldn't order a portrait of him too :'D
You can reach me by the desk number 12 in the art alley!
Otan tilauksia vastaan! Olen menossa Desucon Frostbiteen sunnuntaina 17.2.2013 myymään vesiväreillä maalattuja muotokuvia julkimoista (maalaan canvasille). Vielä ei ole muita näytettäviä kuin tämä Ruki, mutta toivottavasti antaa jonkinlaista kuvaa työn laadusta ja siitä miellyttääkö se. Hinta riippuu muotokuvan koosta. Ehdota kuitenkin hintaa, niin uskon pääsevämme yhteisymmärrykseen! Jättäkäähän ilmoitusta vaikka tämän blogimerkinnän alareunaan kommenttiosastoon, niin otan yhteyttä :3
Olen saanut jo yhden tilauksen Reitasta A3-koossa! Se ei tarkoita kuitenkaan, ettetkö sinäkin voisi sitä tilata :'D
Tavoitat minut taidekujalta pöydästä 12!

-end of announcement-

Other than that I've got nothing more to announce, except I'm gonna have a new family member: a bunny! He's 4 years old already, but he can't stay in the house he is right now, because the family is allergic. So I'll be rescuing it from putting down. I hope he'll like it here!

But have a good one guys!


An Cafe live"report"

Hell-o my friends!
So, An Cafe had their live here in Finland last Tuesday and if I was brief, I would say "it was awesome ass hell!"

Before getting in of course I gathered some greetings and names from the people lining up in the front yard of Nosturi. There actually wasn't that much people at noon when I got there, but after some time the line started to grow. I chatted with friends and stood there, waiting for doors to open. And finally, at 15 minutes past 5pm, VIPs were let in.

After some more patience, we finally saw An Cafe face to face and had the opportunity to talk with them and give them presents if we had any. I promised to give Teruki-san some Fazer's chocolate, so that's what he got from me. Yu-ki got a chocolate lollipop and to Akiharu-sama I gave the sheet. When I asked him to open it, his and yu-ki's reaction was mostly like "e? nani kore? ...o-....o-...OOOO!!!" It was worth it!

To others, who I didn't manage to give any presents, I gave them my thanks for their comeback. When it was Shinya-sama's turn, he gave the fans some goods: a signed poster and a little package. I opened the package at my sister's place afterward and it gave me more joy, since I kept it as a surprise to myself even after the show. The little package contained a sticker, 'golden' spoon and NYAPPY LIGHT -key ring. It's weird, how a person can be so happy because of something so simple!

Soon it was time to have our polaroid-pictures. It was kinda small and because of that I was a bit sad, but I won't complain! I'll be keeping this with me for the rest of my life! XD Though there was like 20 people taking their pictures, we did manage to clear the party only about 15 minutes late. Sad thing was, it wasn't actually a TEA party. None of us got anything to eat or drink, since there was only a shitty coffee container on a small table and that was it. Nobody did even touch the thing XD

After the party I headed up to the actual stage-hall and found myself right in the middle of the first row. What a great spot to spend the show time!

I guess none of the fans can really recall all the songs the set had, but the most important thing was that we all had fun! An Cafe showed its ability to cheer us up once again and didn't let us down. It was pure heaven from the intro to the last glimpse we saw of them on stage. I guess I blinded some people with my epileptic led-light-stick... my apologizes!

The show itself followed the pattern An Cafe has always been using. I don't actually mind that and it gave me a hint of things I could expect from the show. But I was surprised, when Shinya-sama actually tried to speak Finnish this time! Last time they were in Finland he just growled a bit and that was it.
The show was visually satisfying as well! The image of Akiharu-sama shaking water off from his body while white strobo-lights flicker highlighting the water drops with high contrast... it's burned on my retina! Like everything else that was sweaty XD

And to rewind a bit...
(these two pictures were taken by Siri and she didn't know taking photos was not allowed)
And they even took the band picture with it after the show! It was totally worth it to spend 8 hours of painting time to create this thing! You can tell, who's happy for the whole year, before An Cafe returns to Finland. Yes, they promised to come back next year!
Now I'll just wait for the pictures they release after the tour :3

Guess what.. the shoes arrived to my post office ONE DAY AFTER I GOT BACK FROM HELSINKI. But no matter.. after all, the shoes look better, when they haven't experienced a concert or anything wild like that. Here's some pictures to satisfy you :3

The SPEEDPEN-video is still on its way, but I know you are patient with me, right? :3

And so I could embarrass myself, here's a short 'vlog' video I made in Japanese..."enjoy" and kill me.


An Cafe is near & MAJOR NOTICE!

Hell-o once again my dear readers!
It's been a while (no surprise there), but here is the long waited new blog entry, which is going to have at least some more content than the last one had.
First off: Nyappy late Halloween everyone! I wasn't in any party myself, but it seems my friends had a lot of fun, which is good :3
Here's some music to fit the spooky theme:

So, An Cafe is in Russia at the moment and will be performing here in Finland on next Tuesday! Guess who's getting psycho with all the gifts and options of clothes and hairdo - what to wear?

Well, I purchased a pair of shoes on 18th of October and the parcel departed from China on 24th. It means, that it's been on its way to my post office for 7 business days now but it even hasn't arrived to my country yet! I think it's just weird how it takes a month (according to wholesale7.net online customer service) for a parcel to arrive from a country to another via AIR MAIL. Just because it's cheaper way to transfer a parcel doesn't mean it should be left to the airport to wait for expensive post to go first just because I didn't pay three times more for shipping. Oh well.. the point is, the pair won't be here on time and so I've got to deal with other pair of shoes I already have in my closet. Sad thing is, that the whole 'costume' was built around those shoes I purchased. I wonder will some other pair do because of their color.. Anyways! Way too stupid topic to be whining about! The world has much bigger problems too xD Here's a picture of the pair of shoes at wholesale.net:
Aren't they cute? *3* 可愛いでしょう?

So, as my last blog entry stated, the sheet for Tuesday's concert is finished and good to go. All left to do is to gather greetings and signatures from people at the line up before the VIPs are let in. I hope boys will like it and can get some energy for rest of the world tour. It only has started so it's better to cheer them up a bit at every stop on their journey around the world :3 If you missed the SPEEDPAINT video of creating the sheet, you can watch it here.

I guess the SPEEDPAINT video of Ruki's portrait hasn't been shared on this blog yet, so here it finally is: my birthday present to my lovely friend Emma~!

What is more to come:
I'll be finishing a drawing (it was an order from my father's friend) tonight and the progress has been recorded on video, so there will be SPEEDPEN video of it some time soon. And as I promised before, I'll be making a vlog entry as well. (My heart just felt popping out from my chest while I wrote that! Shouldn't be afraid of talking to a camera!)

Like most of you know, I tend up changing the design of this blog repeatedly because I'm never satisfied. Now I've figured out why: I'm not happy with the name of this blog, which makes designing hard! I've come up with a new and BETTER name which is easy for readers to remember. If you wish to keep reading my blog after the name changes, you may have to re-subscribe in order to get notifications about new posts!
The new name of this blog is going to be 「プラス」(plus) and thus the url-address is going to change too as follows: the-vertex.blogspot.com ---  purasu.blogspot.com
(Notice: the date changed!) This change will take place on 5th of November (next Monday), so brace yourselves for that. And thank you for your understanding :3

Please leave your comments and opinions about this change and everything else down below and let me know, if something about this post sucks!