Plans on Yukicon! o(>u<)O

Ye-hes! I bet you didn't see this coming, that I would write another entry without hell of a time gap. The thing is, I've got some news for you (for Finnish readers mostly, maybe)~

Since Desucon turned out to be a little to expensive that even my wallet would've cried out loud "what the hell, woman!?" if I used my money on that, my first convention of the year of 2014 will be instead Yukicon. It will be held next January, from 18th to 19th at Espoon Kulttuurikeskus. And on Sunday (19th), my friend Marika and I are going to be there selling handmade accessories. Marika sells pastel-gothic-styled jewelry and possibly customized iPhone 4, 4s and 5 cases.

On my end of the table you will find..

GJN EXCLUSIVE - handmade cat eared -hats and only one handbag! Every single hat and the bag is made by me - with love of course~

There are many colors to pick from and also shorter versions without the pon pons available! The prices are as follows:

Hopefully these will sell. It would be a shame if all this work would be thrown to waste.

So, if you are visiting Yukicon, please check out our table on Sunday at the Art Alley! You won't be disappointed!

That should be it. Have a great one!


the GazettE @ The Circus, Helsinki 2013/09/29

GJN/ラウラ here (whatever you wanna call me)!
I bet you guys were all like "wheeeeeeeen is she gonna write a new entryyyyyyy??", since I haven't written anything for over a month, right? I've been busy with my studying here in Vaasa and there will be a different entry about that. Just thought it would be nice to give you some reason for my silence.

Of course this is late as fuck. I don't deny that. Yet, I do think that if I wrote this during the aftermath of the actual event, it wouldn't have been that good of an entry, full of typos and grammar mistakes because of all the hype. So by that, I justify my slowness. My apologizes.

And now, boys and girls, here it finally is: my blog entry about the GazettE's concert in Finland.

Let's start off with the hype we all experienced when the band made an announcement there will be a world tour. Oh BOY, it was simply unbelievable to let that info sink in: after 6 long years of waiting, the GazettE was finally going to return to Finland's shore and the city of Helsinki. Even more unbelievable was the fact that the tickets were going to be sold half a year before the actual event. And, as usual, I was stalking the tickets non-stop - day and night. When the morning came, I was sitting in front of a computer I usually use during the situations like this, at the school I was studying at when I still lived in Savonlinna. Clock hit 8 a.m. and I was in the online line for tickets. One more hour frustration and fright. Finally, at 9 o'clock, it took me less than half a minute to make full purchase of my VIP ticket. I ran to the class I was supposed to be attending and cheered to my classmate "I FUCKING GOT IT!"

The rest of those 6 months is just history of hyping and deciding what to wear. Though, there's no point trying to look good during the show, because all the effort will be thrown away along with sweat, my brain still tells me to "look swagalisious in the line". Fuck you, brain.

And finally, it arrived; the day when I lost my gazetto-live-virginity. And oh joy, it was totally worth the money, even though all VIP and FC members didn't get the gift. All we got was VIP and FC laminates and (sorry to say) a garbage bag looking bag which we could have bought from the goods table with 3€ anyway. Not really a FC or VIP gift.

I was at the Circus at 6 am and noticed there was already about 6 people before me, even though jrocksuomi had forbidden it (yeah, I was breaking the rules too XD). The line was made at 8 am and by then there was couple hundred people already. It was such a hassle, because there was the regular line and VIP line, which included 3 sections of different 'levels'. In the head of the line was us with VIP tickets and fan club membership, then the fans with only VIP ticket and the last section was for the fans with regular ticket but with fan club membership. In short: VIP+FC>VIP>FC+REGULAR.
And in the top of that, jrocksuomi kept their rule of randomized lining numbers, which I really don't agree with. You may call me selfish, but why doesn't the rule of the jungle go here? Fast ones eat the slow ones; that's how I was taught as a kid, and find it hard to sympathize with people who cry "but we come from far away! We should have the chance to get in front too!" Tough luck then, you little shits. The concert was on Sunday and you all probably traveled to Helsinki already on Friday. If you really want to get to the front, you need to be there really early, or are you suggesting that you come in line half an hour before the doors open and think people would let you go by pass the mass in the stage hall? It might be good for you, but isn't fair for the rest of the people.

So, I got the number 19 and the girls behind me number 1. But still I got quite in the head of the line, since the VIP+FC section didn't even have that much people. In reality before me there was about 10 or 12 people.
And what are the odds of that the friend of mine I only see at concerts gets right behind me? It's just like we're linked somehow! I met couple of old and new friends at the line. In their company time fled by fast.

While still in line the gazetto staff was filming and interviewing people who had made gifts for the band and asking where did we hear about the GazettE and how long we've been listening to their music. If (un)lucky, my interview might show up on the world tour DVD. Whopsiee..

After the hassle in the line up we finally got in. I only purchased the hoodie and went right after to the audience. I made it to the second row and was quite happy with my spot. Good that I use shock hair colors so it's easy to spot this head :DD

There we stood and waited for one of the biggest names to show their face and let us hear their music.

And my second question of the day is: what are the odds that every god damn concert I go to, there's always a foreign girl who doesn't care and makes me to carry her arms on my shoulders? Because of the weight she made on my shoulders, I ended up hitting someone's face in front of me with my elbow multiple times. If she reads this; I'm terribly sorry for that!
The girl behind me also tried to get in front of us with her hips. I don't know was this only stupidity or was she actually trying to hold her ground. Either way, I couldn't possibly make any room for her in any direction and as a result we were squeezed against the row in front of us and people next to us. I kept trying to push the mass back since I was holding from the security fence, but oooh no, people just can't believe that no matter how they push, they are not gonna touch any of the artists. The girl behind me appeared to be Russian and luckily my friend near us is half Russian so I asked her to communicate with her, but the girl just ignored her. So there, you didn't give good impression of yourself at all.

Apart from that, the audience was really good behaving! What my friend told about her experience in the balcony(?), she didn't see any cameras on audience. Impressive guys! I'm proud of you!
It might have been something do with the announcement before the show JrockSuomi made, because everyone heard it and wasn't just a tiny side info on a website which nobody knows about.

When the concert finally started I immediately was disappointed with the mixing: Ruki's singing couldn't be heard that good in the front and was quite muffled. This is why I'm seriously considering to go back or to the balcony next time.
But despite all of that, I enjoyed the live with my full heart. I experienced the emotions the songs should deliver and could even see images in my mind. The lights were gorgeous and dimmed at the right moments. Funny add was the word "HOMME" on Ruki's back.

During some songs Uruha seemed to worry about some short fans in the front rows, but this is just my assumption. Maybe he had a headache or something and that's why he had that worried look on his face.

The show was over fast and we had one encore after long time of repeatedly shouted "encore!" pleas. At first the fans couldn't keep themselves in sync and when they finally were able to do it, our voices started to fade. So, we started to bang the edge of the balcony and stomp our feet to the floor to make a perfect sync and more sound. We were together in this. Finally the GazettE returned and we got a thumb up :DD (that sounded wrong)

The setlist
Before I Decay
Gabriel on the Gallows
Filth in the Beauty
LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

After the encore we tried to have another one, but the staff was already packing away the instruments and lights were lit. the GazettE left us with Guns'n'Roses' "Knocking on Heaven's Door". I sang along with couple of my friends while the audience started to fade out and have drinks.

I was pleased. My virginity wasn't given away for nothing. Thank you the GazettE. You reached out to my soul.

When most of the audience was headed out, we sat with my friends a little bit and then a member of the staff came to us selling the little towels with lower price. Of course I bought one, since I had the right amount in my pocket.

And here they are, my small purchases.

And the butt ass expensive hoodie

So there you have it. after long wait you finally got to know my thoughts on this concert. I hope you enjoyed XD
And a little extra side note here: mail finally brought me the membership card of HERESY. We'll see if I get anything from this membership.

In more news, MIYAVI and An Cafe are heading to Finland next March, so I'll be at those concerts too (I hope). See you guys there!


Moving complete

MAN! It was a ride. (Technically I've been living in Vaasa about 1.5 weeks already)

As most of you already know, I moved to Vaasa. The ride itself wasn't that pleasant, but let me start from the very start. And have some music we listened to during all that driving:

Of course there were issues right before we even rented the van: the price was two times more expensive I was told (or heard) on the phone. Thank god mom was paranoid enough, so we made the rental guy to be actually present at the office before we rent anything. There we found out the actual price and made an agreement. And that Monday morning at 7.51 am I paid the rent and drove the van in front of my yard. Then my sis and I started a furious load up.

The previous night I didn't get a good sleep, because I was continually filling my head with a thought "all this stuff won't fit in the van.. they won't fit... they won't fit.."
After the van was loaded up my thoughts were proven wrong. They all fit.

Right after we locked the doors and left the place at 10 o'clock, with our empty stomachs.

My sis on wheel
The only stops we made was at Varkaus, where we picked up Karo, bought something to eat in the van and at Jyväskylä, where we switched drivers. At Varkaus I phoned the landlord in Vaasa to inform that I was on my way there but might not get there by 5 o'clock and if there was a possibility get the keys to my new apartment via any other way. The only answer I got was "I cannot do that. We are then closed."
I drove from Savonlinna to Varkaus, my sister from there to Jyväskylä and all the way from Jyväskylä to Vaasa I drove furiously and without breaks; 268km without breaks.

These F*CKERS!!
When we got closer to Vaasa, the time was running against us. So there was no other option but break the speed limits. When speed of 80km/h was allowed I drove at 90km/h etc.

But you can only imagine the rage I let out every time we hit the zone of 100km/h and there's these f*ckers on our way. Well, that's a mean thing to say, but these old people and god damn CARAVANS driving 20km/h below the speed limit. (I know there are specific speed limits for caravans and bigger transports, but they still pissed me off, when they were slowing us down)

Because of these we were in Vaasa at 4.57 pm and of course I made a mistake and turned to a wrong direction. So, I ended up running the last 300 meters by foot. It was 5.01 pm when I reached the office, but thank heavens they were still open (THERE WAS STILL 3 WORKERS ON DUTY ALL TOGETHER). While wheezing I managed to get my key and sign the rent contract.

After that we had the time to take our breath and we went to have a good load up of our own: FOOOOD!

At the time we really didn't want to have any "experimental" food, meaning we went to a restaurant we already knew contents of. Golden RAX was a perfect choice for us, since we could eat as much as we could and we were, so to say, starving.

No pics from there though. We weren't in our best XD

In the evening we unloaded the van and almost right after went to sleep. In the morning only sis was able to take a quick shower and we already had to get going back to Savonlinna in order to return the van. We left at 9 o'clock (this time we did have a little breakfast) this time sis on wheel. During the part of the trip to Jyväskylä we ate a good dinner and filled up the tires. From Jyväskylä sis drove to Varkaus and we even had some spare time, so we visited a store of used video games I've been wanting to visit for so long. To my surprise, the selection had changed a lot. There weren't that much of PS One games anymore and the remaining games were only football and hockey. The good news is, there's a better game store here in Vaasa~ Of course I've locked my eyes on a couple of games I'd like to purchase and try out already.
During the trip to Helsinki we came across a funny license plate.
Only An Cafe fans will understand XD

Karo left from there to Kuopio by bus and we continued our trip to Savonlinna. The next day I returned the van and sis drove me to Helsinki, since she had a borrowed car to return of her own. And from there I took a train to Vaasa. It was a little bet cheaper and easier to travel from Helsinki than it could have been from Savonlinna to Vaasa.

So. Right now I'm in Vaasa and have already met another student going to study at FKF! By what I can tell from the only chat I've had with her, I can tell she's quite nice! Hopefully we'll have good time studying together :3

Right now I'm in a middle of decorating my new apartment, so you'll see what it is like in another post~ You'll also hear what kind of flaws it had before moving in.. But now I've said my goodbyes to Savonlinna. I don't know will we meet again anymore.

So, moving - Complete.
Bye now :3


BIG news!

PAO! Today Taokaka will represent my moods throughout this post :3

Like some of you might have read from last post's comments, I got accepted to FKF!

The story goes, that when I posted the last post about waiting, the very next day that very waited letter popped down in my mailbox. For the whole time I had been half asleep and instantly woke up at the time a doorbell rang or the mail slammed on the floor through the mail box (it's not a box, you idiot.. it's just a whole in a door. with a lid.).

So, basically when that letter arrived, I didn't care at all for the results from the universities. And when they finally arrived, turned out, that I wasn't accepted either of those. So FKF is the only place I got accepted to. But thank heavens for that, I still can roll on the floor for all the joy! I finally can study Japanese "full time"!

After that I instantly had to send applications to couple of landlords in Vaasa, so I could get a roof on top of my head too. And it was getting to drain my sanity, when there was no answer until 5 days ago. I was offered an apartment with ~420€/month rent, which is basically all I get as financial aid from government. All this automatically equals "TAKE A STUDENT LOAN". I really don't like the idea, because I already had that for one year and the amount creeps me out. But in this situation, it seems there's no other option at this time.

So yes, I GET TO MOVE OUT FROM HERE! Finally! After 4 long years in Savonlinna, I'm moving all the way to the west coast. Bye bye, Russian tourists!

This also means, that there won't be mommy visiting me every weekend (and maybe not even every other month). So it'll be stretching out my wings, though I'm a little scared.

I can thank Emma for being my friend and telling me about FKF's existence. Without her I would probably cry on the floor right now. You'll be hanging out with me while I'm there, right? Pretty puwease!

Also my friend Karo deserves to be thanked. She helped me out with the application I sent to FKF, so also big thanks to her!

The apartment I'm moving in, is quite big for one person to live. But I won't complain, I'm just thankful they found a free apartment right in time. I'll be moving out 22nd of July. That's 5 nights from now, so.. I'll guess we're back to square one: waiting.
I've rent a van for this trip and I guess my sister and I are going to drive that ~470km of road together. Karo is also joining us to help with unpacking the car. The nasty part is, that neither of us (my sister and I are the only ones with driver's license) have any experience driving a van. Wellp, it'll be an adventure for all of us :3

But, though I'm ready to go, I've still got to wait the 5 nights. And clean up the apartment I'm leaving from. Simply put: I can't hold myself still...
I've already packed my PS2 and PS3 and neither have I a television anymore, because the old one was on its last days. So, basically I'm out of entertainment. I just can't wait before I get to purchase a new tv (or projector perhaps), couple pieces of furniture and a new game to play before school starts. I already have my eyes on a game that I've never played, and hate myself for it. Here's some music as a hint:

Bye now :3


Still waiting... and waiting

POW! How's it been with you guys? Let's skip the usual apology and get straight to the topic.

Yeah, I graduated alright. And I still don't have any pictures from the party, because it takes some time to get them from my sister... So you guys MAY get to see some pictures, IF my sister sent them to me some time soon.

So, there's been a couple of entrance exams before and after graduation.
First one was for Lahti's university to study furniture designing and I didn't even get to the exam part; my works, that had to be made before handed, didn't score that high, so I was rejected.

Second one was for Helsinki's university to study Japanese language and culture, and the preparing for the test went BADLY wrong: I was reading mechanically, so I wasn't mentally really there when I read the history book (didn't even get to the half way..). AND the Finnish language book I had was the wrong one. So, basically one book I couldn't finish and the other wasn't even the correct one. Well, you guessed it: the exam went horribly and I was the very first one to leave (after 1 HOUR I've sat there, trying to write something.. I'm sure I sounded like a first grader in everything I wrote..). That leads to my conclusion of this exam: I'm not waiting to get accepted. It's impossible.

Right after graduation I sent my application to Fria Kristliga Folkhögskolan in Vaasa, to study Japanese language, culture, history and society. I had been writing that 1.5 pages long text for couple of months and I still think I didn't sound convincing enough to get my spot in their classroom. And I actually had to resent the papers very next day, because my school messed up with my grades: they forgot to put a mention about two courses I had attended to (without those I would had only 73 courses, which isn't enough to graduate from Finnish senior secondary high school). The answer SHOULD reach me by 28th of this month and I've still heard nothing.. Only two mornings with mail to go. Keep your fingers crossed!

The last entrance exam was a couple of days after the graduation and it was to Tampere's university to study game creating. In my opinion it went quite well, but I can be sure only when I can hear something from their way. They will release the info about accepted students 1st of July at the earliest. So, still waiting for that too.

One month has gone by and only one more to go, before I need to move out from this apartment. Kinda sad, since I've lived here for 4 years now, but it's finally time to move on and stretch my wings.

In the mean time I'll be playing games and translating for JaME. A friend of mine introduced me to the most popular fighting game in Japan: BlazBlue. And I'm already in love with its characters, especially Taokaka. She's stupid, but also represents the character of a cat: lazy and always hungry as fuck.

I hope I can get this blog up and running in the way I want soon, too. But for now, bye~

(nnnnnnnyaa... Still not nyeeeeeet?)


VIP for the GazettE's concert


Now, is there any among my readers, who are also going to attend this concert in Finland? Do you have a hunch how many VIPs there are all together? Would be nice to say hi in person. :3

It was a war to get a ticket to this concert. Tiketti.fi opened the line for these tickets at 8am and sales at 9am. Many didn't know, that there was lining even at the online store, so they kinda came to purchase their tickets 'late'. I was able to get a spot of very first customers in line, so there was no worries. I've got a VIP ticket for me and my good friend Henkka :3

This time the sales were more furious and fast than the last time the GazettE visited Finland; tickets were all sold out within a half an hour. VIPs were sold out a lot faster. But still I like tiketti.fi's methods of  using online line up. I guess those, who have experience with buying a VIP ticket via neotokyo.de, know why.

The last sixth of this year in high school is about to start. So, there will be only a few posts coming up, but I guess you guys have already gotten used to it, haha! After the school ends, I'll be telling stories about the party and the submissions I'm sending/have sent to the universities I'd like to continue my studies at. After that.. there might be some reviews of clothes. I dunno. We'll see~

Bye now!


An Cafe & the GazettE

This is only a short notice, but I think it's good to inform you guys.

An Cafe informed about a release of their new single, BUT it can be only purchased from their Japan tour, starting from Shibuya AX 21st of April. I'm a little disappointed, since I really wanted to buy their new single! "Kimi no machi" is available in 5 different covers:

The next thing to inform is, the fact the GazettE is coming to Finland next September! Exactly 6 months from now. And, oh boy, I'm going even if it was raining knifes from the sky! Finally I'm able to hear their music live! And I hope the Finnish fans won't be total jackasses this time. I've heard horrible stories.

  • 9/6  Jose Cuervo Salon@Mexico City(MEXICO)
  • 9/8  Teatro Caupolican@Santiago(CHILE)
  • 9/11 Teatro Vorterix@Buenos Aires(ARGENTINA)
  • 9/14 A Seringueira@Sao Paulo(BRAZIL)
  • 9/20 Le Trianon@Paris(FRANCE)
  • 9/22 Le Phare@Toulouse(FRANCE)
  • 9/25 FZW@Dortmund(GERMANY)
  • 9/27 Muffathalle@Munich(GERMANY)
  • 9/29 The Circus@Helsinki(FINLAND)

But now, it's bye bye~


For goodness sake..

Sorry for this more and more expanding time period with no posts. The truth is, I've been way too busy with my final exams and remaining courses and pre-missions for universities. Now I was finally able to find some spare time and write to you guys a new blog entry. Here's some music for the funzies~

So, a week ago a listening diary was sent to me via post. They asked me to mark every fifteen minutes I've been listening to any radio or recordings (like CDs and mp3s) from 7 days time period. Today is the last day and mostly the recordings-column is filled with marks. All the columns with radio stations are entirely empty, but no wonder; Finnish radio stations mostly play mainstream- or classical music. YleX sometimes plays heavy metal and I can swear I heard Dir en Grey once from their station. But the rest of the time all we can hear is Minaj.
What do I get from doing this diary, you ask? Every diary which are sent in time will give you a free scratch lot. It would be funny, if I actually won something from it. All the filled diaries also participate in a raffle, where you can win something valued 500€. So, well see, if this gave me anything.

Next thing worth of mentioning is the fact my final exams went pretty surely good enough, so I passed. The real confirmation will be given only two weeks before the graduation day - sucks, right? But right now all I can do is to participate entrance exams and finish up with this high school. I really hope I'm able to start studying Japanese in Vaasa or Helsinki. Or then I can look up some universities abroad, but I doubt my papers will be good enough for studying out form this country.. And it would be more ideal to be taught in mother's tongue. So, we'll see. There's always a chance I find myself studying in UK or US.

The next time I'll photoshoot, I'll be doing a review of the new clothes I purchased from wholesale7.net and if you wish, I could continue doing more reviews in the future too. Mostly I'll be writing about my studies (I guess), but reviews will be a nice refreshment among the posts. There WILL be vlogs too. I promise! The question is: would you like me to do them in Finnish or English? I would prefer Finnish, since it's easier for me to speak fast, BUT being more international is kinda good thing too. So, let me hear your opinions on this~

And surprise surprise, I'm about to change the design of this blog again. But it'll happen after the photoshoot.

I hope you guys will have a good one!



Today I thought it'll be a good day to share with you guys what were the cartoons I used to watch as a kid in the 90's. Yup, that's how lame this post is going to be, but of course you can bare through this! At least those readers, who are at the same age as I am.. you youngsters may not even recognize the cartoons at all. And it's kind of sad too, because nowadays' cartoons and kids' shows are lame and awful. I guess I'm starting to get old XD

But let's start our kick off: First series I can think of is of course Pokémon. I never watched other seasons but the first one, but I have seen first three movies plus Mewtwo returns and one other movie which's name I can't remember right now (and I'm too lazy to go find it).

This is the very rare exception, when I think the Finnish version of the theme song is way better than English.. I can't explain why, but of course it does have to do something small with the fact it's the first version I ever heard of Pokémon. Overall, I still love to watch the first two movies~ They both have such an awesome soundtrack I can't stop listening to them! Everyone knows the song "The Power of One"!

The next one is of course Digimon. I can't recall watching this that much either, but this time I'll have to say, that the original Finnish dub sucked REALLY bad. Only the opening and closing themes were made with good taste and talented singers.

But honestly I can't remember almost anything about the plot itself.. I guess I missed so many episodes so the plot and dialogue were too absurd to me at the time.I might re-watch this series some day, with some popcorn and friends!

Now, let's switch from Japanese anime to some western cartoons for a moment. The Magician (original title El Mago) was a French cartoon of a superhero-like magician, which amazed me again and again. The pace is really fast even in the intro, but it still has its magic touch. I guess it's the music which does it. It has a kinda mysterious and at the same time creepy end in its tone. I don't know why that is the reason it keeps me on my toes and gives the urge to watch the whole episode after seeing the intro. I just like it!

Get ready to rock! Now, may I present you three assholes from Mars - with their motor bikes. Many of you may know this cartoon, but because of its newer version. This is the original 90's version and, should I say, more BADASS! The music, the jokes, the simplicity and concentration on the speed of those bikes.. to put it short: EVERYTHING makes you to remember this series!

Biker Mice from Mars is obviously an American cartoon (and the target audience is actually little boys, but I still love it! I used to play them in kindergarten!), since the scenarios are located in Chicago. I totally recommend to watch this series as it was in the 90's! I still can't get over that electronic voice repeating "Biker Mice from Mars -- Biker Mice from Mars -- Biker Mice from Mars".. it was something so unique at that time and it can't be compared with anything! I still want Vinnie's red bike!

Also, the trio of Throttle, Vinnie and Modo has a bro-code, which you can totally sense while watching the show. Home-brewed beer, hot-dogs and more heavy metal to everyone! Brofist!

There are many more cartoons I used to watch as a kid, but I'm going to close this post with two animes.

Candy Candy was actually made in the middle 80's, but it was released on VHS in Finland in the 90's. I was son little back then and thought the intro song was in Estonian.. oh, silly me :'DD Well, what you can do? Your world image is still so small as a child, though many times you might think outside of the box

The series itself is about a very naive girl and her life from an orphan baby to an adult. There's nothing much more to say, because there are tons of events she confronts during this series - well, it is a long time period after all. But, what bothers me, is that she keeps her naive attitude towards every f-ing person she confronts, even though they are complete douchebags right from the start. She does say what she thinks about things though.

And for last but not the least:
Well what else could it be except Sailor Moon? :DD I honestly remember nothing else but the fact the sailors actually did nothing against the bad guys BEFORE the mysterious man with a rose appears during every freaking battle. And suddenly all the sailors know what to do (I don't know does the rose he throws have some magical powers to wake girls up from their panic or whatever..) but before that all were just shivering in fear, lol.

But that's for now! I'll leave you with a longer video with a Finnish dub song I totally like as it is. The original lyrics go "I need a hero" but in order to fit the lyrics in Finnish with the beat, they changed it into "I want a man". May I present you: Shrek 2 - Mä Miehen Tahdon
Have a good one!


Desucon Frostbite 2013

Finally I've been recovered from the sleepiness I had.. well that's what you should expect after three nights without sleep. Yes, I didn't sleep for the entire weekend. And I already need to apologize for the lack of pictures, because I know you would love them. However, I remembered to take out my camera way too late and the stress I felt before art alley kept me barely going. I almost fainted during those 4 hours I was selling those paintings. Luckily, I had wonderful feedback.

But first, on Saturday we left from Savonlinna with two of my friends and one girl I didn't know. She was quiet but nice and I hope I'll see her next time too :3 She cosplayed Connor from Assassin's Creed III and that awakened my urge to cosplay Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed II.. hopefully I can make that costume for some upcoming con. Stay tuned for that ;3

By then I haven't slept for two nights and was already hype about everything - I felt like a wnb japan-fan again! But I had drunk 3 small bottles of ice coffee and it made me feel sick. I almost trowed up, but nothing came out. By the night I was back normal again and figured out, that all that coffee made so much air in my stomach that I had to burp and fart all the time. Before bed time it was over and I was finally able to paint my last product: 30x70cm Shinya-sama in made-costume! It looks awful though, but that's something you should expect.. since it's painted in hurry.. during night.. in a bathroom. It was the only painting that didn't sell, too. Here's some WIP-pics and during the bus trip back home~ I think he will be on my next apartment's wall, even though I'm not that satisfied with the result.

All together 7 paintings were sold out of 8. There was Ruki from the GazettE, Hamasaki Ayumi, GACKT, Miyavi and Jensen Ackles. There also were two ordered paintings: Reita from the GazettE and T.O.P. Both customers were satisfied with their purchases :3 Also, if you liked to order a painting of your own, please contact me and I'll keep in touch (random salesman talk..).
I stood about 4 hours at the art valley and all those 7 were already sold and I was able to leave back home about 4 hours earlier than originally planned! Thank goodness I didn't pre-order return ticket but only one-way. It made deciding when to leave much easier.

"I think I'm adorable."
Thank you again to all customers for purchasing my lousy art~! Jensen was the one who turned everyone's heads towards my table XD And yet, he was the second last one bought.. And I thought he would be the very first one to go!

There's pretty much nothing more to mention, since I was half asleep during the whole weekend. We exchanged fast greetins with Jani, but too bad I wasn't quite PRESENT.. more like a ghost or spirit in the air, lol. My mind was completely having some strange thoughts.. literally! I also noticed the same phenomenon while painting Shinya-sama: I thought all the lines in his hair were soldiers and a huge battle was about to begin where actually there's a white reflection of light... Those times when you really want to ask your subconsciousness "what the actual fuck?"

What else? Well.. we did watch "PUTOUS" with the girls in our hotel and laughed our ass off with stupid jokes. One was a mind-image of an aboriginal man hanging upside down outside our room's window saying "you rang? How about a small breakfast?" with broken Finnish: "kutsuiko? Ehkä pieni valipala~?" (the Finns seen that creme bonjour commercial may remember that chef dude in a fridge giving a woman a piece of bread) I know it sounds crazy, but it was fun during the time XD
Maybe it'll be funnier if that aboriginal was replaced with Ezio Auditore.. See? I knew you would smile :DD (maybe I should draw some fanart out of this mindimage.. or could somebody from you guys do it for me, puwease? ;'D)

I'm sorry, but there's no pictures of my lolita costume I wore, yet. Only one guy took a picture right before I was heading to get back my things and leave the whole city, lol. I should've taken a picture or two before heading out from the hotel, since that time was pretty good for it (and now when I think about it, I even had the camera in my hand! Guess I was so exhausted I didn't realize..). BUT I might take some good photos in our school's studio some day soon.

All together about 80€ profit was made out from those paintings and I think I might do something similar again.. with better prepared schedule of course. Last minute panic isn't the bast answer for this kind of thing, at all. Now I've got some money to put aside for the time I move out from here. Moving is expensive, like everything else. Speaking of that, I purchased Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed Revelations in one disc from dischop.fi! It cost only 19.95€ to buy that double game and it's much cheaper than buying them on separated discs. So, technically there's 3 games to play: mom bought Valkyria Chronicles for me a couple of days before my birthday. Thank you mom! :3 BUT I made a promise to myself that I won't play any games before I graduate from Savonlinna Taidelukio, so.. I guess I bought that 4 month license for Xsplit for nothing xD Also, I'm trying to get an HDD from huuto.net with a low price.. there's a possibility that I'll get 500GB with less than 40€ and that's a very good deal! The bad thing is, that the auction ends about 3,5 days from now, so there might be others to bid me out.

And while speaking of games, here's a short video from Sony, which creeps me out: I can clearly smell PS4 coming out already..
Want to know why I think so? Because this totally reminds me of the GazettE's commercial of their two-parted live tour which ended at Tokyo Dome, WHICH was one of their ultimate goals to get to perform at. They didn't directly say it in their commercial at that time but it was kind of obvious they were teasing, since otherwise all the tour-dates and places would've been released without any hesitation. And this Sony's commercial is just the same: giving the date, but not actual content.

I put myself on the e-mail list, so I'll be informed right away what the fuck is all this fuzz about. And I will burst into flames in a bad way if this was PS4 that is going to be released. BECAUSE I JUST GOT PS3 SUPER SLIM. That would be so short time period between PS3 SS and PS4 release dates.. oO I guess we'll see tomorrow..

But as I usually do with posts, I always link some music too. Here's some that brought me back some memories from my childhood and PlayStation one games.. dunno why, but it did~

Take care!


Nyappy b-day desu...ka?

Yup. I'm ill. Day after tomorrow's a final exam of Finnish language however and I must be there, no matter how bad I feel.

The good news is, that the second ordered painting is nearly finished! I'll give you some treat, aka a WIP-picture~
(was too lazy to put copyright water mark on it..)
And I'm finally 20 years old, which means I'm legally an adult in Japan! My second goal in life is completed XD
I'm not gonna throw any party, since it's in the middle of a week, I'm sick, all friends are from out of this town and the top of all I need to paint. Must. Paint. @__@

It'll be a pity, if I'm not able to sell everything away in DF after I've sacrificed all the time to do them. If there was gonna be any 'left overs' I'll be selling them online. So you should check on that, if you didn't manage to get the ticket to DF.

But now I shall return to complete this work and start a second one. You guys have a good one..
..and some pleasuring music!


Feeling a bit ill..

THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GET SICK! I'll be painting no matter what!

But to give you a little update, here's the AMV I sent to Desucon Frostbite's AMV-contest. Today I got an email it didn't make to finals, so I decided to share it with you guys already :3
And now when I think about it.. how the heck did I even thought THIS  could be a winner material? xD Silly me.
Sorry to leave you guys with another short update like this again, but school and upcoming finals are eating the time. I'll be updating at least something about Desucon Frostbite.

But for now; have a good one.


All aboard the fan girl train!

So, it's the first blog entry of this year, though it's already the 20th of January. Pardon me for such a long silence, once again.

The 18th of January I took a train to Helsinki in order to meet my sister. We had a nice Saturday and today I left home, and to be exact, still siting in the train. About in a half an hour there will be a switch of trains, so I'd better make this entry as fast as possible. There's really nothing that in particular to "report" on, though.

Well, I did buy the caddy for PS3 Super Slim but it still is on its way, since I bought it on Friday. It still hasn't got the chance to get on the road.
So, all that is still missing is a 2.5" SATA HDD. I'm still looking, so please let me know, if you've got one you could let go with a small price :3

I'll shut down my laptop now and when the train reaches Savonlinna, I'll be continuing the painting of those orders.. I'm really behind from schedule, but things will sort out. Promise.

See you guys later! Here's some music, and you can see I've been watching way too much Cyborg 009 (2001 made remake anime) once again XD Can't stop listening!
May I present you: globe - What's the justice?