(TT A TT)-0

I wan't to visit my good friend, Emma! Though I haven't done any new outfit to her blog or anywhere else, I still don't feel shy, 'cuz nothing stops me then, when I really do those outfits (-y-)/
I have to collect 85€ for busrides to her place and back here. It's a bit stupid, that there's bustrafick to her place only on fridays and from there to back here is only saturdays. It means I need to stay there over a week, if she lets me. If don't, I gotta figure another way home :'3

Anyway, the christmas came and went, and I spent it watching Shinya-san's live prodcasts from ustream! And of course, at mum's place. I got two bathbrush, a lint remover (OBH-Nordica weeeee BD) and 8 long spoons :3 Everything I needed or wished for! Thanks mum~

The day after tomorrow is the "paycheck"time @Q@/! I can pay this month's wrent and after that I'm gonna buy a new leather jacket and hair dye~ And in the middle of the month, I'm gonna buy a Katana (OQO)/ for photoshooting, not for real practise, though it would be fun! And gotta be careful with it, 'cuz the one I'm going to order is a real pice and really sharp. The next photos I'm gonna take are going to be like kimono-fighter-stylish XD This time I'm gonna be in the studio on my own, 'cuz I really don't want Jasmin to take too much work to do, since this is free-time photoshoot xD Oh hey... on the other hand, this could be a really good subject for our KUPE-class' homework: three pictures of yourself while you're really yourself, your enemy-self and while you're your idol-self. This one could be my enemy-self, dunno why, but gotta figure out some good reason so it turns out as a right choice xD
Idol-self is gonna be a singer, or mucisian, that's for sure~ And I quess my real-self is gonna be me while sleeping. That's real enough XD

Hmm.. today is the 2011/01/01 and of course I try to complish my new year promise: I won't eat chocolate, 'cuz it causes my face death. Not literally, but I don't wish for massive break-outs and pimples. They eat my self-esteem and don't look so atractive of course. So, that's a promise~
Now, who would buy me some chocolate 8DDD? Nobody! Remember that.

But now I'm gonna check out are the shops open today or not. They should, since it's a normal day xD
Ja ne~