Testing out curls..

Yo/ Today I tried what I would look like with curls..
It really isn't my style, but I think it still fits. I guess I should make a hairdo like this to the kanonxkanon-live and VIP-tea party~
It was pain in the ass to curl those hair extensions ~3~
Remember to give those ideas about the gift for kanon-san and Kanon-san! I'm still out of ideas =w=


Yo \o/
Yesterday mom came over and I suggested to her that we could go to swim tomorrow (which was today). Well today we did go to the swimming hall, but before we got there, a TV-permission inspector was behind my door - it was good I didn't slam the door on his face (because that was nearly what happened). Fortunately he was a little bit back so the door was able to open without knocking down anything on its way.
This picture is kept on its original size so you are able to read the notes. The English version is on the left, the Finnish on the right.

But of course I hadn't paid the TV-permission =w= So now I need to pay 60€ every third month. RIGHT AFTER I GOT A LOAN THEY TAKE IT ALL AWAY WITH STUPID FEES! It's ridiculous to charge stupid things like this from a student. And I bet there'll be some extra charges, 'cuz we agreed with the inspector that I had took the TV into use in the middle of the last September, but so I hadn't paid for the permission from the time period between the 15th of September and today. Gotta love these upcoming days!

Here's the note I got from the inspector =w= Of course I blurred the name, address and the date of birth.

But now I'll tell you what else we did with mom today~

Well we chatted in the pool and din't really swim, because the other pool was full of people and the only warm pool was the kids' pool. It was very fun though to have a chat with mom after a while~
I suggested that we should go to shop for new pants, since my old ones don't look so inviting...literally!
Here's some pictures of the products~ (there's only two of them lol):
The leggings I bought from Seppälä and cost only 2€ (they are size L so a little too big for me, but they still are warm~).
And the new pants I bought are actually the same model what like I already have~ Bought three pieces of them and the total of the three was 7,44€
It was under 10€ gig~! So I guess I can call that as a success. And I know that you want to see somebody wearing these.. well it's your lucky day! I'm not even drunk and I felt like doing something weird and something against my way of thinking, so here is some 'eye candy' (笑)I literally give you my official approval to stare at my ass! Oh god what have I done...
Here are the leggings! And I should pay to Jasmin for these shoes.. I still ow her that 5€

YAAAY! I hope nobody sees me as too easy after this...
GOOD - that you scrolled by those two pictures fast! I know it's not easy to watch them |D
Oh, I forgot to introduce you to the two new pieces of clothing I wore in the last photoshoot with Rei
I'll also introduce you the headphones~
Rei gave me a new address to a online shop which I fell in love with right away! wholesale7.net ! It's so cheap and still selling good quality pieces of clothing~ This piece cost only $4,50!

I so love these ~~! I bought them from wholesale as well and cost only  $5,25!
And here are the headphones~! Bought from cyberzone.fi but I really had to wait for these for a MONTH! But that's what you get when you don't bother to pay 7€ for shipping so it'll take longer ~3~ The price of these was only 16€
And here's what the combination of these three look like~ The red jacket is sewed together by my last roommate and it was a part of my Ruki cosplay from Distress and Coma -PV
Photo taken by Rei @ visualchin.blogspot.com
Photo taken by Rei @ visualchin.blogspot.com
Oh I also forgot to mention, that I bought that VIP-ticket to kanonxkanon's concert in Helsinki~ Yay! I can have a tea party with them! Is there anyone else coming to the VIP-tea party in Helsinki~? And do you have any ideas what to give to them as a gift? I'm too excited about this so my mind is blank =w= Please tell me your ideas via comment below~

But now I think I'll continue singing UltraStar Deluxe with Japanese songs~ Have a good one!
OH before I forget; check on the new vlog-post (it's just me singing two songs.. you might get your ears raped ==(ノO Д o)ノ) and also the gallery I added to this blog~!
PS. I want this wig so bad T_T


Photoshoot w/ LIP SERVICE

Yo! Rei has been at my place for couple of days now (since last Tuesday) and today we decided to molest our lovely school's very own studio~!
I'm a derp

Last night we dyed my hair into blue, but I think I need to do another round with the color so it'll be more bright. But here's some footage from the shoot~ (笑) Rei's gonna take over this entry with her egoistic looks - meaning there's more pics of her 'cuz the ones taken from me where shaky ~3~

Photo taken by Raura @ the-vertex.blogspot.com (I didn't put the watermark of mine 'cuz it would have ruined the picture lol)

Photo taken by Raura

Photo taken by Raura

Photo taken by Rei & Raura

Photo taken by Raura

Photo taken by Raura

Photo taken by Raura
I so wanna do another photoshoot with better hair lol. Here are the best shots in my opinion:
Photo taken by Raura

Photo taken by Rei
This was a short entry, but there's no much to say: it was fun! We do look like a real artist already right? lol
After we had cleaned up the studio from lights and background, we took a bus back to my place~
Chocolate milkshake yum~
Now we've made some chicken and rice nomnom! And now here are the derp faces!
Photo taken by Raura. Wanna a xmas card?

Photo taken by Rei. Still wanna a card?



Free flight to Japan?

Yes.. I heard about this this morning: according to Telegraph and Iltasanomat Japan is planing to donate 10 000 free flights to their country in the next year to cheer up the tourism which collapsed after the nuclear accident.

According to the report published on Monday, Japan's travel agency wants those, who are interested, to send a electronic application, where you have to among other things to mention the places you're planing to visit in Japan.

The lucky chosen ones are requested to write a report about the journey - hopefully positive one - after the journey is made and these reports are also published on the Internet.

Accommodation and other expenses are not promised to be paid.

This program is being waited to started in the next April, but first it has to be accepted to the state budget.
I'm so going to try for my luck and write a really good list of reasons why I should get my ass in there! ...this is the second time I have to do this kind of stuff, but last time it didn't pay off. I wasn't chosen to go in Japan with my schoolmates, but on the other hand we wouldn't have had so much time to wander around because of the tight schedule. And of course I would have had so much of exams to do after the trip. So I guess it's better this way - I can wander around as much as I like~

I just wonder... if the roulette will choose me, do I have to go alone or can I pick one of my friends to come with me? If so, then I guess they'll just pick 5 000 'winners' and they can pick one of their friends to go with. I dunno.. we'll see after the new year, what Japan has decided to do with their budget~


I'm still a teen - Showing off my closet!

Okay girls!
I know what we all love to do: shop new clothes, new shoes and everything we crave to buy! I'd love to show off my closet a bit and tell you what I've bought during the last 2 years. Ready? This is gonna be one hell of a long entry!

Here are the items I've bought from Ling in ebay:
A pair of CREEPERs! These were the very first shoes I bought from ebay, so it can be seen that they are pretty old and used. I paid for these about 40€ back then if I remember correctly.

Very first coat I bought online! It cost around 30€ but it really isn't that warm - the fabric is quite thin. But I still love it~

Here's a pic of me where I wear these two~:
It's so old picture...

Okay now a little more stuff bought from Ling~:
These jeans also cost around 30€ and I'm so happy that I still can fit in them - though I  have a really big ass =w= Those chains in the left side of the hips didn't come with the jeans. I just styled a bit myself~

A second pair of shoes I bought from Ling~! The price was around 40€ and they are more white than shown in the picture.. darn camera I'm so gonna kill it - or buy a new better one some day!

My very first kimono - or a new-styled-kimono~! The first reason I wanted to buy this, was I was planing to wear it in the "elder's dance" in senior high, but I came to another thoughts after I had bought it: the sleeves would have made dancing too hard. So the first time I wore it, was at lunch we had with our Japanese language class. And after that it became as a costume of Shirocon's mascot. Of course I was the one who wore it and dressed up as the mascot~ The price on this was around 40€ or less.

I craved for these boots for so long! The price was nearly 50€ and I waited and waited till there was a month I wasn't buying any hair colors or CDs. I think I'm buying stuff for my sadness just because it makes me feel confortable. I really should get some help |D or then I'll just face it and say "I'm addicted on shopping new clothes and shoes and and--!" That still doesn't solve the problem.. I should save for some food too!

Here's the newest pair I bought from Ling and I'm so in love with them! The price was over 50€ and of course the customs noticed them so I had to pay like 12€ taxes to get them out =w= It wasn't that much of taxes, if you think how much you might have to pay taxes when you buy a BJD doll from a foreign country.. if customs grab the doll, you have to be prepared for some shit high taxes - like over 200€/doll.

That was all from Ling. Now some bought stuff from GDR (Girls Do Rock) in ebay:

Now this is one coat you also can buy inside Finland, BUT the price is twice higher than in ebay. I paid 40€ myself and inside Finland it costs over 80€ without the posting fees.

This coat was sold by many sellers in ebay and GDR was the one which sold it with lowest price: around 30€ and I'm surprised that I somewhat fit in it with my big chest though it sized S! Love to wear it while I'm having a blue hair~

You might not believe, but I did take this picture by myself |D

And a little more from GDR~:

This dress was originally bought in order to be my outfit for my final work, but then there came a change of plans =w= This would be a great dress for the "elder's dance" though! I paid about 35€ for this and I think it fits with my white gothic lolita shirt I bought inside Finland.

Did you notice the shoes? Those are the ones I bought from Ling and craved for so long~ The thing on the neck came with the dress.
And now something from huuto.net:

The corset and skirt came together and was ordered from China by a seller at huuto.net. The feather  boa was bought inside Finland from blackgroup's online shop. The corset and boa cost together around 35€ Sorry, I don't have any pictures of me wearing this... but somebody else does |D

The next one is bought from Honestdragonchina in ebay:

So, this is the kimono I kept posting entries about! And I do happen to have a picture of me wearing it as well - no kidding!

And here's the picture:

And now - my only buying from shirly-swords in ebay so far:
The katana-sword! It cost 38€ and was grabbed by customs. But since it's value was under 45€ they couldn't charge me any taxes~
Next ones are from yesasia.com!
Click to see the picture in bigger size! The prices might not be accurate with every CD, but mostly~
And the next CDs are NOT from yesasia.com:
An Cafe - Harajuku Dance Rock was bought from Anttila in Tampere,
X JAPAN - BEST OF X B.O.X. was bought from huuto.net
and Miyavi - 7 SAMURAI SESSIONS/ We're KAVKI BOIZ I got from Kämy as my last birthday present~
Let's not forget the lovely mini-toys I've got from every order from yesasia~
I'm also a happy customer of crazy-factory and bought a few pieces of piercings from there~:

I've bought two spirals, one labret (I'm wearing it right now so it's not on the pic) and another labret is in the mail~

And now here's some pieces of accessories I've bought either from online shops or inside Finland:
NINJA is a great accessories shop~! Here's a link to cybershop and silverrabbits in ebay. I think all the cybershop's products I've bought are still sold there, but silverrabbits might have changed their collection already~
A little bit more products from cybershop: black and green lipstick and a white powder. Then there's a white makeup cream, bought from blackgroup. And last there's a pack of nail tips bought from depalace-shop in ebay~ Seems like I really am a slave of ebay!
There's a little bit of taste what you can find in my closets lol. This is the next piece of clothing I really am craving to buy, but it really is expencive - it costs as much as the blue kimono:
It's so pretty *__*
Oh! I also have to tell what mom bought for me..: 12 bottles of Fanta! THAT'S 18 LITERS! In the picture there's only 11 bottles left, but still! At least we're gonna have something to drink with Rei! She'll be coming to my place in 19th of this month~ And I HOPE that we will learn that Bad Apple!!'s dance pretty soon.
We should film that too..
Well! Wasn't it a hell of a long entry? Didn't I tell you? |D
I hope you enjoyed~
Oh! And please let me know, if you have any ideas where I could get 40 cameras to borrow, so I could do my final work!
And also give those ideas of what should I make for kanonxkanon~ They'll be here in the next month already!
I'll be going to shop now~ People! Don't forget your cat's-eye~! It's dark out there in the evening and it keeps you alive~
Take care~! またね~!