Yes. Today.

Alright. I didn't get the answer from the town today so I made the call and they said they'll pay me the 1st or 2nd day of August, which is gooooooooo~~OOod~!

But I recieved something else among today's mail: KELA had sent the answer about the loan guarantee and they gave me it for the time period between 1.9.-11 - 31.5.-12
I quess there'll be days and times I really need to purchase some of my loan, but that's too personal info to you guys~

And next monday I'll be somewhere, but only the closest friends know about it. I bet the rest of you will be informed about it sooner or later - I promise that!

Since they pay me next month, I'll be able to do that god damn planket - horraay! All I need to buy for it a white planket and red and black fabric colour. I'm soo excited about the trip to Sweden for YFC! But who wasn't?

I was planing to do the photoshoot today, BUT some clown hadn't put his/her name on the list that he/she has borrowed the school's camera, so I'll do the photoshoot session tomorrow. But at least I dyed my hair and money guaranteed for the next month~!

And I really hope that people will watch the vlog after I post the first video there after the YFC~
But now I'll go to the kitchen (where I belong?) and make some dinner~

If you have any thoughts or anything you would like to comment about, just leave a comment below~


If today I'm not gonna have the answer from the town that do they pay me next month or not, I'll have to make a call there and ask what's the final solution or is the woman of Turtiainen on a vacation! That won't be nice if she was.. 'cuz how the hell then I'm supposed to pay my rent, phonebill and the two nights at the hostel in Stockholm?! The town should pay me, since KELA won't pay the next month 'cuz I'm a student of an art senior high. If I were in an occupation school, then KELA would pay the next month : D

Anyway, I'm planing to dye my hair today and/or practise the dance of Bad Apple!! If I'm gonna practise the dance, I won't dye my hair, 'cuz I don't want it to go bad in the first day I've coloured my hair. Then again if I dyed my hair, I'll do a photoshoot by myself with that new dress and boots I bought last month ~~ or was it this month...? Well you don't care anyway and neither do I right now.

But quess what:
And then it's time for YFC in Sweden~~! Hell yeah!
And I should be making the god damn blanket.. but I'll have to skip it 'til I've got the money from the town. After that I'm gonna do it god damn it!

But I'll leave you guys alone for now. Remember to subscribe~! And thank you for all the new readers and the old readers too for your support! At least someone is reading this blog ;___;



Final work - put to rest?

I really don't know should we shoot one of the scenes on this week or not.. the sets are so unfinnished and I also have to repair one tiny little piece in that dress. I'm not saying that it was broken already, it kinda was my fault that it fell of, but it's easy to fix~

I also came up with the idea, that we could shoot a dance scene for the ending credits. Piia gave me this idea by posting a dance video of Bad Apple!! into her blog. So it also slows down for the shoots, 'cuz I bet it's gonna take a month from both of us to learn the god damn dance moves and then dance and shoot it flawlessly.

I promised to myself that I won't start to edit the material until we've got all the scenses shot. It means I'll start the editing after the school has started. Well, I saw this coming, though. Shooting a video isn't that easy that it sounds, but I bet we'll gonna survive from this~

I just hope I don't have to edit and study for the final exames at the same time...


Rest In Peace our Desperate Angel

Rest in peace our Desperate Angel
Sawada Taiji
1966/7/12 - 2011/7/17



Studiopics are here

Yes, I finally got my pics form Studio Elite. The photoshoot was in April and I paid the last 140€ in 1st of July. Now here are the best shots:

Though my poses weren't that good and I hated those hairdos (I would wear them only if I had to) the result turned up pretty good. Thank you for the photographer Jari Tolvanen.
But now I feel hungry though I've seen how horrible and fat my hands look like. But the tricky thing is, I don't have food in the cabinet, in the fridge or even money in the wallet. I'm broke because I bought those dress and boots and Kämy ows me 20€ due to an humanic mistake.

But I'm HUNGRY ;__;



We've got a new reader! Thank you for subscribing and welcome aboard~
So, the total of subscribers is 16.... which isn't a lot, but who says you have to look at your subscribes? I'm writing here because I want to! So I'll be annoying you guys for a bit longer : D

And at last I was able to switch that twitter-gadget's font color from black to white, so it is now readable! But the profile picture quit working so I linked the facebook-profile gadget to that. It's ugly - I know.

But now I really want to know that do you guys want me to do that vlog I've been talking about few times already! So should I do it or do you want me to do it or should I just keep it quiet, have a great time at YFC and come back like nothing has happened? It's up to you guys~ Nah, screw it. I'm gonna do it anyway so you can make your insults about my horrible English pronouncing and looks and all.
And I just remembered that I still haven't bought that white sheet which I'm planing to take with me to YFC and collect names from the line. I'll ask about this one too: should I do this sheet? I'm trying to make it look something like this:
The text might be a little different in the result but here's mostly what I'm looking for.
So, if I'm going to do this sheet, I bet it'll be tough time to get some names on it from the line.. I hope that at least someone talks English out there.. or else I have to start to speak my horrible Swedish "Kan du skriva ditt namn här?" I hope that's enough of my Swedish..

But now I feel like that I want to brush my teeth and eat my last burger~



Happy Birthday young fellas!

Happy Birthday, GACKT! You're now 38 years old. The world loves you~! Let's meet at the YFC 9th of August~!
Happy Birthday, Shinya! I'll do everything for you! You've turned from a boy to a man!!
I won't switch you to anyone!

Greetings my sweet stalkers~! Yes, I just made congrats for the two man I worship and love and and and and live for. Sounded a bit cliche didn't it - and not just a bit. Then, what the HELL SHOULD I SAY THEN? XD
I'm just happy that I can follow their lives and be a part of their lives - in some way. Well, I can say, that I'm paying their paychecks in a way, 'cuz mostly all artists are living with their fans' money they get from their albums and products, but I don't mind! At least I can keep them alive and I feel a bit like their mother~

And I unfortunatelly have to announce that I forgot my camera at home last weekend so I wasn't able to get any photos at Kawacon. It was a small con anyway and it reminded me a bit about our own Shirocon~ And on my opinion Kawacon shouldn't have been two days, since they got almost as much programs as we had at Shirocon on one day. Anygays it was nice to see friends again and I had fun at Piia's place~

So, I'm back! And I had to do some modifactions here at the vertex - figures!
Well, this time the modifactions really were small: I didn't change the whole outfit! Yay! I added that iPhone-look-a-like -player up this page, which starts to play automaticly every time you open a page here at the vertex. I just wanted to tease you guys by putting it on autoplay and the tracklist is also on suffle-mode. Some of the tracks won't play or work at all for some reason. Gotta update the tracklist some day.
I also switched some gadgets' place (almost every single one) and one huge change was this:
I made the 'find me' -links more visually attractive~

Oh, and I also made a new footer for the blog! You can scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to see it~

I'm a bit surprised, that there's been no Japanese visitors here at my blog - maybe a bit dissappointed as well. But I won't blame them, because since when I was the center of the universe?

Do you still remember the dress and the boots I posted like 2 postes ago? I ordered them~ All together they cost me like 85€ which is not bad or even expencive for a dress and boots. But now I'll be heading to the bed and have a good dream about...someone~ I'll be going now.

I just love Wip3out~