New year..wopee?

Yup, it's new year already and I didn't come up with anything to do to you guys ,_, I'm really really sorry, but my laptop wouldn't co-operate. So, I'll be spending my hours by painting these babies I've been babbling about through last couple of blog entries~

Also, GIGANTTI had some middle-day-sales and only on one specific day they've lowered the price of a PlayStation 3 Super Slim all the way to 169€! It's the 12GB flash memory version, but I'll buy an HDD and the caddy for it at some point. And I swear I'll spare some tens of euros by buying these parts as used and NOT directly from Sony. Sony is just making money like this, leaving the caddy out from the 12GB version, just you could purchase it with higher price. But for now, I'll see how long I'm able to play with this thing without any HDD. (External hard drive could be an option too..).

So, please tell me, if you have a 2.5" SATA HDD you could sell me with a low price ^-^ ( I bet that's never gonna happen.. )
But here's the main message:
Goodbye 2012 Hell-O 2013!


My presents to me

This is me at the moment:
...or at least that's how I feel. Selfish and ignorant. And the best way to heal this feel is to start finally painting those portraits. Now I honestly start. I promised I would paint these during the holidays and I'm gonna keep that promise - you can count on that!

And while I'm at it, I'm waiting for SOME parcels to arrive my place.. 4 to be exact: 3D pre-designed nail tips, 10 pair of lower eyelid false lashes, lolita dress and earphones purchased last night. The first three are all for Desucon Frostbite. I want to look at least good when selling those paintings and all. Maybe I should start finishing the two AMVs I've been making.. they've been in ice for a while to help me get new ideas while I'm not staring at them a whole time. It's good to freshen up a bit like that~

So, only one more DBZ episode and I'm off the computer and painting :3
Here's some music from an artist I think needs a little bit more attention. If he had a gig in Finland, I bet I would be in that party:

ps. I'm still wondering what to do to you guys on new year.. On Finnish time FOX airs the Asian music awards after new year midnight, but I don't think there would be any surprises.. PSY of course wins and there's a tiny chance that I could see GACKT, An Cafe and the GazettE in that very same program - but only a tiny chance. And I can stare at them on computer anyways, so I'll pass.



I should be ashamed of myself! It's been over a month since my last post and I've still not done with the SPEEDPEN video.. I hope you guys can understand, when I say my mother's tongue portfolios have been taking most of my time and effort and therefore I've had no more strength to do anything else alongside that. But now the situation has changed and I'm all cheery again!

The Christmas is on its way and I have no idea what to do during the holidays. Well, I'll be sitting and painting those orders some of you my readers have made (that also means more SPEEDPAINT videos) :3 And of course I'll play with Muumi! He seems to love me, so we get along pretty well.

However, I've got an idea what to do to you guys during the new year, if you're not busy watching fireworks: I'd like to play live a Spyro game for PlayStation 2 with Piia, but the problem is, my computer crashes after 10 minute broadcast. Mostly I know it's because of Xsplit. My laptotp doesn't seem to like it that much, even though I've installed the latest updates! Other than that everything works preeety good.. It's possible I may have to use Piia's laptop, all though I rather not. If I wished to broadcast with her laptop, I should install Xsplit, EasyCap and perhaps the microphones all over again on it. And I doubt it would work.. If it was a deskset, it would be a lot better because of its higher power. I even purchased a 4 month license for Xsplit so the broadcast could have at least higher audio quality.. So, what to do?

And I'm still taking orders for the paintings! Leave comment on this post or the one before this or on any post you like! Just remember to mention your email-address and I'll contact you with further information :3

But here's a couple of prices I've calculated:

A4: 15€
A3: 30€
A2: 60€
A1: 100€ (I doubt anyone wants to order that big xD)

Prices with posting prices included (inside Finland)
A4 + sending: 21,90€
A3 + sending: 36,90€
A2 + sending: 60€ + (shipping cost will be calculated from the weight)

A1-sized painting is too big (80cmx60cm) to send. I also paint in smaller sizes if you like.

I hope these prices won't scare you :'3 You can still make an offer, if you had any doubts on the prices listed here.

Now here's some music from DAZZLE VISION, which I totally missed while being all hype about An Cafe's concert (was released 14th of October) :3

Stay tuned for the info about new year's broadcast!
End of the world isn't coming any time soon! And ps. only 4 more pageviews and this blog has reached 10 000 hits! I like the sound of that :3


Quick notice - Desucon Frostbite!

This update is mostly for Finnish readers, but if you're planing to visit Finland and Desucon Frostbite in Lahti, this might concern you as well :3


Example of the quality of my work - Esimerkki työni laadusta
I'm taking orders! I'll be selling on 17th (Sunday) of February in 2013, in Desucon Frostbite watercolor portraits of celebrities (I paint on canvas). So far I've got no other examples except for this Ruki, but I hope it gives you some image of the quality of my work and if it pleased you. Price depends on how big is the size of the portrait. However, you can still suggest a price and I'm sure we'll can make an agreement! Leave your message below this blog entry in the comment section and I'll contact you :3
I've already received an order of Reita sized A3! It still doesn't mean that you couldn't order a portrait of him too :'D
You can reach me by the desk number 12 in the art alley!
Otan tilauksia vastaan! Olen menossa Desucon Frostbiteen sunnuntaina 17.2.2013 myymään vesiväreillä maalattuja muotokuvia julkimoista (maalaan canvasille). Vielä ei ole muita näytettäviä kuin tämä Ruki, mutta toivottavasti antaa jonkinlaista kuvaa työn laadusta ja siitä miellyttääkö se. Hinta riippuu muotokuvan koosta. Ehdota kuitenkin hintaa, niin uskon pääsevämme yhteisymmärrykseen! Jättäkäähän ilmoitusta vaikka tämän blogimerkinnän alareunaan kommenttiosastoon, niin otan yhteyttä :3
Olen saanut jo yhden tilauksen Reitasta A3-koossa! Se ei tarkoita kuitenkaan, ettetkö sinäkin voisi sitä tilata :'D
Tavoitat minut taidekujalta pöydästä 12!

-end of announcement-

Other than that I've got nothing more to announce, except I'm gonna have a new family member: a bunny! He's 4 years old already, but he can't stay in the house he is right now, because the family is allergic. So I'll be rescuing it from putting down. I hope he'll like it here!

But have a good one guys!


An Cafe live"report"

Hell-o my friends!
So, An Cafe had their live here in Finland last Tuesday and if I was brief, I would say "it was awesome ass hell!"

Before getting in of course I gathered some greetings and names from the people lining up in the front yard of Nosturi. There actually wasn't that much people at noon when I got there, but after some time the line started to grow. I chatted with friends and stood there, waiting for doors to open. And finally, at 15 minutes past 5pm, VIPs were let in.

After some more patience, we finally saw An Cafe face to face and had the opportunity to talk with them and give them presents if we had any. I promised to give Teruki-san some Fazer's chocolate, so that's what he got from me. Yu-ki got a chocolate lollipop and to Akiharu-sama I gave the sheet. When I asked him to open it, his and yu-ki's reaction was mostly like "e? nani kore? ...o-....o-...OOOO!!!" It was worth it!

To others, who I didn't manage to give any presents, I gave them my thanks for their comeback. When it was Shinya-sama's turn, he gave the fans some goods: a signed poster and a little package. I opened the package at my sister's place afterward and it gave me more joy, since I kept it as a surprise to myself even after the show. The little package contained a sticker, 'golden' spoon and NYAPPY LIGHT -key ring. It's weird, how a person can be so happy because of something so simple!

Soon it was time to have our polaroid-pictures. It was kinda small and because of that I was a bit sad, but I won't complain! I'll be keeping this with me for the rest of my life! XD Though there was like 20 people taking their pictures, we did manage to clear the party only about 15 minutes late. Sad thing was, it wasn't actually a TEA party. None of us got anything to eat or drink, since there was only a shitty coffee container on a small table and that was it. Nobody did even touch the thing XD

After the party I headed up to the actual stage-hall and found myself right in the middle of the first row. What a great spot to spend the show time!

I guess none of the fans can really recall all the songs the set had, but the most important thing was that we all had fun! An Cafe showed its ability to cheer us up once again and didn't let us down. It was pure heaven from the intro to the last glimpse we saw of them on stage. I guess I blinded some people with my epileptic led-light-stick... my apologizes!

The show itself followed the pattern An Cafe has always been using. I don't actually mind that and it gave me a hint of things I could expect from the show. But I was surprised, when Shinya-sama actually tried to speak Finnish this time! Last time they were in Finland he just growled a bit and that was it.
The show was visually satisfying as well! The image of Akiharu-sama shaking water off from his body while white strobo-lights flicker highlighting the water drops with high contrast... it's burned on my retina! Like everything else that was sweaty XD

And to rewind a bit...
(these two pictures were taken by Siri and she didn't know taking photos was not allowed)
And they even took the band picture with it after the show! It was totally worth it to spend 8 hours of painting time to create this thing! You can tell, who's happy for the whole year, before An Cafe returns to Finland. Yes, they promised to come back next year!
Now I'll just wait for the pictures they release after the tour :3

Guess what.. the shoes arrived to my post office ONE DAY AFTER I GOT BACK FROM HELSINKI. But no matter.. after all, the shoes look better, when they haven't experienced a concert or anything wild like that. Here's some pictures to satisfy you :3

The SPEEDPEN-video is still on its way, but I know you are patient with me, right? :3

And so I could embarrass myself, here's a short 'vlog' video I made in Japanese..."enjoy" and kill me.


An Cafe is near & MAJOR NOTICE!

Hell-o once again my dear readers!
It's been a while (no surprise there), but here is the long waited new blog entry, which is going to have at least some more content than the last one had.
First off: Nyappy late Halloween everyone! I wasn't in any party myself, but it seems my friends had a lot of fun, which is good :3
Here's some music to fit the spooky theme:

So, An Cafe is in Russia at the moment and will be performing here in Finland on next Tuesday! Guess who's getting psycho with all the gifts and options of clothes and hairdo - what to wear?

Well, I purchased a pair of shoes on 18th of October and the parcel departed from China on 24th. It means, that it's been on its way to my post office for 7 business days now but it even hasn't arrived to my country yet! I think it's just weird how it takes a month (according to wholesale7.net online customer service) for a parcel to arrive from a country to another via AIR MAIL. Just because it's cheaper way to transfer a parcel doesn't mean it should be left to the airport to wait for expensive post to go first just because I didn't pay three times more for shipping. Oh well.. the point is, the pair won't be here on time and so I've got to deal with other pair of shoes I already have in my closet. Sad thing is, that the whole 'costume' was built around those shoes I purchased. I wonder will some other pair do because of their color.. Anyways! Way too stupid topic to be whining about! The world has much bigger problems too xD Here's a picture of the pair of shoes at wholesale.net:
Aren't they cute? *3* 可愛いでしょう?

So, as my last blog entry stated, the sheet for Tuesday's concert is finished and good to go. All left to do is to gather greetings and signatures from people at the line up before the VIPs are let in. I hope boys will like it and can get some energy for rest of the world tour. It only has started so it's better to cheer them up a bit at every stop on their journey around the world :3 If you missed the SPEEDPAINT video of creating the sheet, you can watch it here.

I guess the SPEEDPAINT video of Ruki's portrait hasn't been shared on this blog yet, so here it finally is: my birthday present to my lovely friend Emma~!

What is more to come:
I'll be finishing a drawing (it was an order from my father's friend) tonight and the progress has been recorded on video, so there will be SPEEDPEN video of it some time soon. And as I promised before, I'll be making a vlog entry as well. (My heart just felt popping out from my chest while I wrote that! Shouldn't be afraid of talking to a camera!)

Like most of you know, I tend up changing the design of this blog repeatedly because I'm never satisfied. Now I've figured out why: I'm not happy with the name of this blog, which makes designing hard! I've come up with a new and BETTER name which is easy for readers to remember. If you wish to keep reading my blog after the name changes, you may have to re-subscribe in order to get notifications about new posts!
The new name of this blog is going to be 「プラス」(plus) and thus the url-address is going to change too as follows: the-vertex.blogspot.com ---  purasu.blogspot.com
(Notice: the date changed!) This change will take place on 5th of November (next Monday), so brace yourselves for that. And thank you for your understanding :3

Please leave your comments and opinions about this change and everything else down below and let me know, if something about this post sucks!


An Cafe -sheet is ready to roll!

The sheet I'll take with me to An Cafe's concert in Helsinki is finally done! Here's a SPEEDPAINT -video of creating it, so feel free to comment!

That's all I've got to share for now. Maybe I'll post a real vlog entry some time soon~


Very Important Person is alive

It's been a long time period again since the last post and I haven't updated the dousurebaii-website either. Fortunately the VERTEX-blog's rss-feed is on there so there's at least SOMETHING going on, though this is updated pretty slowly too.

This is going to be a long entry to cover up my silence, so here's some music to keep up with me:

But now it's time to give you some news about this miserable soul's life, well not miserable really, since something good happened too :'D

The most recent things first: all An Cafe fans or at least the European fans were going insane since the information about VIP-ticket upgrades was released. Neo Tokyo started the VIP sale on 28th of September at 12 noon CET. Everyone tried to purchase a VIP upgrade for the concerts in their own country, but all everybody got by pressing the 'Order Now' -button, was a blank square page. Also the dates on every VIP ticket was wrong. However, the servers crashed soon after the sale going live, since the heavy traffic on Neo Tokyo's site (apparently Neo Tokyo didn't realize how big number of fans they were dealing with before the sale started, lol).
Then Neo Tokyo announced they would try to open the sale again on that same day. Some fans were able to place an order and even got the verification e-mail, but none of the orders went through to Neo Tokyo and the servers crashed again.
After this they closed the sale and said it will go live on 2nd of October. Like this they gave their provider the time to install a new system that would work under so heavy traffic and wouldn't crash during the time purchases were placed. Most of the fans were furious since they had wasted their time for nothing. I was one of those, since I hadn't slept that night and kept refreshing the page for the entire time. But I was happy to at least to get that information. Also they listened to what some customers had to say on their Facebook-wall and decided to sell VIPs for different countries at different times to prevent heavy traffic.

On last Tuesday it was the time to show your battling nails again and fight against all the fans out there just to get VIPs. I kept hitting the F5-button and on the very second the clock hit 12 noon CET, I pressed F5, clicked for one VIP ticket to the concert in Nosturi; Helsinki - Finland, pasted my e-mail address, typed my password and clicked 'Order now'. And successfully, I got the message "Your order was successful" and the e-mail from Neo Tokyo verifying the purchase. All that happened in 30 seconds and all the VIPs for Finland's concert were already sold out. I is happy now~

I'll be writing a report about this concert and VIP tea party, but not as a JaME member but as myself, as a fan, and it'll be available in here and dousurebaii-site. Maybe I'll make an own page for reports in dousurebaii-site. We'll see.

Also, I've been painting another sheet! This time is for these boys and it's going pretty good, except I ran out of black fabric paint.. I've gotta go to buy another bottle of it tomorrow so I can finish it and take it off from that class room's table! But here's a picture to give you an idea what it will look like when finished:
and I can already tell, that the subtext isn't going to be like that
I'm recording the progress on video and it'll be published as SPEEDPAINT-video on my YouTube channel when finished~ I'll share it on the VERTEX -blog and dousurebaii-site as well.

But now I'm running out of ideas what to give for the boys when I meet them with other VIPs! I can't knit scarves again, since Shinya-sama already has one I made for him when he visited Finland last time. Can you guys share some of your ideas what to give them? Puwittie puwease?

Next topic: I hope you like the new layout this blog has! I decided it was better to not have my ugly face as a background so now it's simple and sweet~! Also all the find me -gadget's links are now working again. Aaand the layout for dousurebaii-site was also updated.

The next thing I want to talk about is Shirocon. Karaoke was smooth enough and when it was time to let the participants of the tekken-tournament in, I thought there was only going to be 2 or 4 players. But fortunately the total of participants for this tournament was 12! Three times more than expected, so it was a lot more fun too! Last battle was played with Jin Kazama and Heihachi Mishima so all the fallen players and the audience too started laughing, since it was unexpected choice of characters (for those unfamiliar with tekken-series, Jin and Heihachi are relatives and somewhat in a war between each other).The winner was given a little towel and headphones. I hope he enjoys them XD

What next? Oh yes! This Friday I'm going to Helsinki together with Emma in order to celebrate her 18th birthday. I've already made her present and the SPEEDPAINT video of it, but I won't set it as public before I've given the present to her, so she won't get any spoilers :3 That video will be published on dousurebaii-site and here too.

-sigh- Today I tried to figure out what kind of hair do would be good for Emma's birthday and the VIP tea party next month. Here's the result:
It took me over 1h and 45 minutes to get that hair do ready! Curling is so slow to do, but our old curling iron is still working and does its job great!

And I'm sure I forgot to mention something, but here are the main points for now. Have a good one and sleep well~ Byebee~


Sickness, finals and vinyl pants

I seriously need to apologize the lack of updates. For the couple of weeks I've been ill and the finals are eating the rest of my time I've got.

But back to business!

During this time I've managed to write two reviews to JaME Suomi. One about An Cafe's release "amazing blue" and the other about the GazettE's "DIVISION". Both are in Finnish only, so I apologize from the foreign readers.

All the review readers - please, do not take the texts that seriously. Just doing my job and if there's a little or a lot of critique, that doesn't always mean I hate the song. We all have our opinions though~

Today I finished the last part of the English finals. The room was f-ing cold and we had to sit there at least for 3 hours. Hopefully nobody gets sick again because of the air conditioning of the building.


Summer holidays are finished

It's been quite a while since the last update and I need to apologize for that -  via hella long entry! And what could be more loved topic than shopping and the things bought? So, be prepared for a long list of things I've bought. Here's some music for you to bear with me:

capsule - e.d.i.t.

So, it's been a long summer and I've been away from my apartment and of course made tons of purchases. Here's a picture of things I've either bought, got as a present or won as a prize. However here's almost everything from the time I've been on holiday, but not everything:


An Cafe published a new MV "Amazing blue"!

An Cafe's new music video has been revealed! Video includes all the boys on a pirate ship in fancy colors, as always~
Song itself starts so.. so...inviting! It invites all the listeners to sing along, or at least clap their hands! Also, yuuki-san's rapping was quite a surprise, but a good one. His rapping sounds a bit lower pitched than Miku-san's, but it still is awesome combination!

I'll be writing a review of this upcoming mini album for JaME Finland, so stay tuned for that.


Math test


Guess who's already done her math test? That's right :D
I did it within one hour and there still would have been about 1h 45min to calculate! Way too much time.. I mean there's no possible way to sit there nearly 3 hours and calculate those math problems.. it was way too easy and I thought there would be at least advanced as the problems on book. I guess I expected too much (笑)


Summer high school & An Cafe's next mini album!

The summer is half way through and I've just started the summer high school. First day was pretty fast, though I'm not used to 2,5 hour lessons.

Last Friday we had mom's 50th birthday party with her and sis. We had awesome time at Flamingo Spa & Wellness..


What a roller coaster! Desucon "report"

I'm terribly sorry for being such a silent fellah and for the fact I've been really inactive during this last month. But we all know it's summer time and mostly people are trying to have less stress and more fun, right :D

The Ling Xiaoyu -costume was finished barely and I really wasn't satisfied with the result. I give myself an E+ for this costume and I hope I will evolve from this! Photo was taken by John Foot


An Cafe's new album in August!

An Cafe's next album will be released in 8th of August! The name of this release has not yet been announced, but you can pre-order your copy from YesAsia.com (link might not work after the name of this album is determined)!
That's all I had today~

Peace out! o/


Got tagged - I'm not 11 anymore!

Got tagged by Rei ~w~
Very well then:

  • Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their "tagger" and post it on their blog 
  • Then, choose 11 new person to tag and link them in your post 
  • Create 11 new questions for the new people you tag to answer 
  • Don't tag back the person who has already tagged you. 



Hellos o/!
Here's a short update about my Ling cosplay costume~

It's been over a year when I bought that orange satin, but now I finally managed to use it in a purpose I planned. The costume itself has now only a few hard parts, but I hope I'll manage to beat those up in some point soon.


A birthday present~!

Today Henriikka finally got her birthday present from me and thank heavens she was amazed by it. I don't think I did a good job while drawing this, but she thinks it looks definitely like Sakito from Nightmare (ナイトメア). It's still fine when others think it's good, though I still want to progress from here 8c


An Cafe launching a WORLD TOUR!

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that An Cafe has announced their plans for world tour~ You thought I wasn't gonna post an entry about it? Well, you thought wrong! :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:
はい、私はアンカフェのワールドツアーつもりを知っているよ~ 君たちは「ラウラさんはあのことをブログに書いていません」と思ってたのか?違うわよ!:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


Busy, busy, busy!

I'm really sorry, that I haven't blogged about anything lately.. It's just because school work, drawing and sewing takes all my time. Let me clear this up; here's a list about the things I'm in a middle of doing/am worried about:


Back home!

I know this time the entry's gonna be long, so I bet there's not gonna be Japanese translation. Blame my lazyness for that. And then again; let me apologize.


They're back ~(ÒwÓ)~ 彼らは戻ってきた!

Relative artists:

Like all of you might already know; An Cafe's back! This was announced yesterday and An Cafe was also having a live stream in YATTAR's channel on ustream. It included a short recap from their beginning to this day and after that the whole team of 5 was having fun conversation going on and Teruki messed around as Luigi and a couple of other characters, haha! The broadcast was recorded by YATTAR and can be replayed in their channel here.


Live broadcast today!

This time I'll be playing Devil May Cry 3! And doing the commentary in Finnish again, because I can XD
今度は「Devil May Cry 3」で遊びます!そしてフィンランド語でコメントリーをして、できますからXD

So please, check it out from dousurebaii-site, live broadcast -sub-page or from livestream.com directly~! I'll be streaming from 6 pm EET and be prepared over 6 hour boradcast, since only the cut scenes take over 2 hours!

I'll see you there!




Meanwhile I wait for the EzCap to arrive my place, let me brag about my latest purchases, which I haven't mentioned yet~
Manual of the third main book of the  "90 days of Japanese language" -book series. First I thought it was going to have everything in English (the translations, explanations etc), but the cover reveals it all that waits inside:

All the translations and explanations are in KOREAN! So mainly this book is now useless to me, though there is a few things you can learn from it without the translations. Now I'm waiting for the main book. It has no translations or whatsoever, but that's why it's amazing learning book! Even EKI-sensei used the first book of this series during teaching our class. We'll see if they still got the book in print, or do I have to make a giveaway for this piece.

On 4th of March the girls (Piia and Henriikka) came to my place for a week~ When they got here I received a magazine from Piia, since she bought it from Japan during her trip to Taiwan. I also got some moose to eat from Henriikka!

Look at him! He so makes water look tasty lol!

Here's an incense packet bought from mulletoi.com and it has four different fragrances!
For the last: today we went to town with mom and there was two British guys selling these yummy candies, with an unbelievable price; 29,90€/kg! It was expensive T^T
最後は:今日、私とお母ちゃんはシティーに行った。そして二人イギリス人を見た!彼らはカンディを売られてけど、そのいくらを見たとき私の目を信じられませんでした:29,90 /kg! 本当に高いでしたT^T

But now enough of purchases! Here's some music for you to listen to~
Awesome isn't it? :3

Now everyone, please take care of yourself~ I hope I'll get that EzCap soon~

Oh! And please let me know, if I've made mistakes on the Japanese translation (_IF_? ..how about _WHEN_?)



I just ordered an EzCap and I sure hope that it works the way I think it works.. It didn't cost much, but I still keep my fingers crossed!

I'll let you know when I get it.
And if it does work, I'm able to do another live broadcast! So sit on tight and watch the news~

I also updated the dousurebaii -site's design so now it's much more pleasant to browse! Please go check it out and enjoy your stay~

I'll go to read for my exam now~



I've got something boring to announce:
my new baby "softis" finally arrived home~ He's my new phone from Kyoto, Japan!
The seller put some lovely postmarks on the packet :3
He also gave me some instructions! Though I mostly didn't need those XD
I love it so much.. it's so sexy and all~ And nowadays you can't get any phones like this in Finland.. all the brands are more expensive than this one and don't even have MicroSD-support! Thank god this one has~
He's my new family member :3
ps. pardon me my lazyness... I didn't have time to trnaslate into Japanese this time ~~


Today I'll start sewing!

Today is the day! I'll start to sew my very own Ling Xiaoyu -cosplay costume from Tekken 6
I mostly got all of the fabrics and ingredients I need for this one, so I guess it's going to be ready soon~ But knowing me, I'm too perfectionist and I bet I'll do it slowly no matter what XD

You can check out the progress of the costume on my website: http://dousurebaii.weebly.com/ling-xiaoyu---tekken-6.html

I hope this one is going to succeed ;__;



Yo, friends!
I guess this comes with a short notice, but I'll be having a live broadcast today! The game that will be played is this time called Ao Oni! I've never played it before, so I think it'll be lots of fun!
Man, it's so creepy ;;__;;

But, this time I'll be talking in Finnish.

Anyway, be sure to check it out today at 6pm EET!


..YLE..I'm pissed!

私は本当に怒っている!なぜ「INFUSE INTO」はこんなにビデオにあるのか?!


New website published! Next live broadcast on 11th (Sat)!

Yo! I just finished up with my new website. It's not ready yet, but I decided to show to you guys anyway. The site is called "What should I do?" and the url-address is in Japanese (obviously): http://dousurebaii.weebly.com
よっ!今私は新しいウェッブサイトをできます。まだ準備じゃないけど、私は君たちにこれを見せてやるぞと思った。ウェッブサイトの名前は「What should I do?」そしてURLアドレッスは日本語です (明らかに): http://dousurebaii.weebly.com

I also am going to have a live broadcast, while playing Project Zero 3 (aka Fatal Frame III in US) on next Saturday the 11th, starting the live from 8pm EET. Check on your own local time of the broadcast in the live broadcast -sub-page! The live is also aired there and on my new website, 'What should I do?'.
ライブするつがりもある。そのライブに零3を遊ぶつもりもあります。つぎのライブは今週の土曜日の午後に、8時(EET)に始まります。君の時間をlive broadcastさっぶページからチェックしてください!そのページにライブも見えます。新しいウェッブサイト「What should I do?」にライブも見えます。

So, please, check out the new website and also the upcoming live broadcast!