Yukicon 18-19/1/2014, Espoon Kulttuurikeskus

Today I'd like to finally talk about Yukicon I went to this January and.. Oh my..

Let's start with the first day and the POSITIVE things. Rousuke and I went to my sister's place in Espoo on Friday (17th of January). There wasn't much time to stay awake, but we managed to play a few games and eat but right after that it was time to bed. In the morning we took our time to do the makeup and (somewhat) hairdo (Rousuke used wigs on both days, so she didn't have that much of a struggle with her hair xD). My sister had already left to work before we even woke up, so we had to manage our ways to the con by ourselves. Thank goodness we checked the bus we had to take in order to get there the day before, so there really wasn't any worries (I just checked it was the correct bus over and over again, though).

So, we made it there and it was quite early too, but since neither of us was interested in seeing the 'grand' opening, we arrived about an hour 'late'. But as we all know, you can come and go whenever you like, as always. Pointless point of me.

Yukicon's guest of honor was Laeppavika (a Finnish gaming group on YouTube), because the con was mostly game-themed. But to be honest with myself, I wasn't that interested in them. The shows I went to watch on Saturday were a concert with wind instruments, Final Fantasy Fight, and AMV competition. All these three were entertaining and fun to watch, but now we can get into the NEGATIVE things I've got to say about this convention.

The first thing we noticed, when we arrived at the convention, was a couple of organizers were on the floor wrestling with each other. To say the least, to me this seemed irresponsible of them and made me think "this convention seems to be held by children".

At the wind instrument concert on the other hand I couldn't believe my eyes or the bad manners of the audience: about half of the crowd had their smart phones in their hands and didn't pay attention to the music. From you I wish to ask: why do you line for a ticket to hear the music and then blow it for yourselves? The musicians were convicted to play music for you and you pay them back by not listening? To me, this is the same as going to movie theater and then sit there with smart phone suns. I'm not saying it's impossible to concentrate on two different things at the same time, but in this case, I doubt it.

Espoon kulttuurikeskus is so gaaaaaaaay XD
Final Fantasy Fight was awesome on the organizers' part, but some of the fighters weren't that entertaining and the mood was lowered almost by every single fight. It was quite sad to witness the lack of imagination. Hopefully FF Fight won't stop here though.

The final show I went to see was the AMV competition. And.. oh my, the horror we had to witness. Though, this is only my opinion, I think many of the people can agree, that the playback wasn't good for loud action AMVs. They almost made me insane and afraid that the speakers would blow up at any time. The winner videos were great and I'm glad they won. But just to let you know, there was waaaaaaaay too many Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) AMVs! By the half way through the entire show, I could hear so much sighing every time a title of a video showed it was going to be another SnK video.

After the first day, we headed back to my sister's place with Rousuke.

Her jewelry was so cute >u<
The next day we had our stall at the Art Alley, so we went there a little bit early in order to get the best spot. Yes; the stalls had no numbers and people could choose whichever stall they wanted to sell at. I'm surprised that the person responsible for art alley even was there on time, because we had to send her emails over and over before the actual event, because she hadn't sent the info early enough. What I'm saying is, that she didn't seem to care at all.

We spent the whole day at the art alley with Rousuke, TRYING to sell as much as possible. She was able to sell some of her jewelry, but the day still was poor. Customers had spent all their money already on Saturday. And wouldn't you know, I didn't sell even one hat (okay I sold one, but it was pre-ordered by a friend of a friend).

And I guess Rousuke's products took most of the attention anyways. Just look how pretty and cute they are! And next to them was my lousy creations in a tight pack:
dun dun duuuuuun
Like I said: nothing was bought from me. Fortunately, I put all the hats on sale in a local Facebook flea market and via that I sold most of my hats, but I've still got a couple left. I think I should stick with selling paintings, at least that went a lot better than this. *in tears*

After a long day with no sells, we headed back to Helsinki to catch our train back to Vaasa. Luckily, when we arrived to Helsinki, we had more than an hour to spend before the train would depart. So, we made a stop at a nearest McDonald's. Yeah, very original. But it lifted my spirit a little bit, because with Happy Meal I was able to get a Mario mushroom as a toy. It even makes the sound it makes in the video games, when it reveals itself from a brick! I still have it on my desk, that little cutie :3

A little bit depressed, we took our train and headed home.

I should also mention, that before the event even was around the corner, I got an honorable mention from Yukicon's art competition with this lousy piece of "art":

And the prize for all honorable mentions was a Yukicon's poster. Guess what; I never got mine. I posted my contact information with the artwork in the very first email and when they contacted with a congratulations, they asked my info again.. I sent them another email with the info but still I never got my so called prize. Oh well, after what we went through during this convention, I don't think I would want a Yukicon's poster at all.

So, all in all, this convention for me was a disaster. We'll see will I attend the next one.

Also, pardon me; this post is over 3 months late, but you'll probably understand very well why.
But you guys have a good one! See ya next time~