An Cafe published a new MV "Amazing blue"!

An Cafe's new music video has been revealed! Video includes all the boys on a pirate ship in fancy colors, as always~
Song itself starts so.. so...inviting! It invites all the listeners to sing along, or at least clap their hands! Also, yuuki-san's rapping was quite a surprise, but a good one. His rapping sounds a bit lower pitched than Miku-san's, but it still is awesome combination!

I'll be writing a review of this upcoming mini album for JaME Finland, so stay tuned for that.


Math test


Guess who's already done her math test? That's right :D
I did it within one hour and there still would have been about 1h 45min to calculate! Way too much time.. I mean there's no possible way to sit there nearly 3 hours and calculate those math problems.. it was way too easy and I thought there would be at least advanced as the problems on book. I guess I expected too much (笑)


Summer high school & An Cafe's next mini album!

The summer is half way through and I've just started the summer high school. First day was pretty fast, though I'm not used to 2,5 hour lessons.

Last Friday we had mom's 50th birthday party with her and sis. We had awesome time at Flamingo Spa & Wellness..