Bday is coming! 私の誕生日が来るぞ!

Yo! My birthday is right around the corner, but I have no idea what to do on that day! It's on Monday though, so I need to be at school on that day for sure. I've got an English listening test and I also have to return the food-diary to the teacher on that same day. So I can't skip the school either (=u=)

But do you guys have any ideas? My birthday is on 6th of February and from that day on I'm gonna be 19 yo!. I thought that maybe I could put up a live stream via USTREAM or livestream! I could also play some games, if I feel lonely. If you got any ideas, please let me know!

I want to play Project Zero IV/Fatal Frame IV! It has so beautiful music in it, but I don't have the game or console to play with. o(;△;)o
Anyway, now I need to cook something to eat. And maybe I'll go to a shop to get some chocolate too~

Take care you guys~!


Final work - できた!

One week ago I ordered a new wig and yesterday it arrived to my place~ Thank you again, topicshop! The wig seemed to have a short frontal hair in the description pictures, but the wig they sent me has a very long and thick frontal hair. It is cool though and I can cut it short anytime I want~

I wonder who the heck is this =u=
Now to the main point: my final work is DONE! I'm glad that I was able to get at least something out before the deadline. The next weekend should go smoothly while writing the portfolio... not so motivated though.
今、マインポイントに: ファイナルワーッくはできたー!デッドラインの来る前に何かをできたから嬉しいです。次の週末はポートフォリオを書いてなきゃけど、動機をぜんぜん感じない。

Here's the video!
I need a massage, please =u=


Final work - ruined

The final work isn't going very well. Due to the fact that all the cameras were different the footage was totally different on each one of them. Because of this the whole idea went down and turned up as a fiasco. So, the next plan I was going to do, was cover some Japanese songs and design a CD cover, but because I don't know how to use the recording tools in our studio at school and I don't have good recording tools at my home (I tried to record some today at my apartment, but no luck), it looks like that I have to just do that CD cover and perhaps 'a promo poster' (lol) too and that's it.

If I had more time before the deadline, I might ask somebody among the music teachers to teach me to work with the recording tools or ask if somebody of the students knows how to use them. BUT, because the deadline is the next Thursday, that's is not an option. I'm happy if I got at least something done before the final work's deadline.

Somebody just give me a hug! (T__T)


New design

Yo! I asked which one is better as a header picture; a picture of an artist or a picture of myself. The results of the poll showed 5-3 - for a picture of myself. So the new design has my ugly face on it! Hopefully you won't die because of this XD

Oh! And sorry, that I write everything in Japanese below the English-written post. I just want to practice my Japanese. And I know that the translations have major mistakes, but we aren't perfect, right?

Take care you guys~!



Yo! The last 7 days I've been with Rei and boy we had fun! о(ж>▽<)y ☆
よっ!最後の7日開私はピーアちゃんと一緒に時間を費やした、それは楽しかったです!о(ж>▽<)y ☆

From the 27th to 30th of December I had Rei and Henriikka as my guests. And on the same day they left my place I went with them to Joensuu. And so, I partied the new year at Rei's place. (・ω・)

We partied the new year through my USTREAM-channel. :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: Here's some pictures from the new year's eve~!
私たちは私のUSTREAMチャネルで新年のパーティーをしました。:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:こちらはニュウイアイブの写真です~!

We sang some karaoke (Henriikka made requests via text messages lol), cooked and spoke stupid things. First we spoke in Finnish, but the last 2 hours we spoke in English. That didn't bring any viewers though lol. And after the countdown we jumped into the air, just like GACKT says he does on the new year, haha! "Because I don't want to be on the Earth when the new year comes."

After that we went outside to burn some star shine sticks. (☆。☆)

Of course we didn't forget the matches! (o^-')b
Stupid hair! 髪のばか!

I tried to be artistic while taking this picture..
On the 1st day of January Ake came for a coffee. We had some conversation and after that somebody (I will not tell the name) made Rei and myself so pissed that hell was on a loose. Ake suggested us to go outside to cool ourselves down. Thank god he had cigarettes with him, so I smoked one. After that we went to Ake's place to watch a movie, since nobody else was in the same town. We came back to Rei's place at 10pm and the next day was a school day..

On the 2nd of January I went to Rei's school, since I don't have classes on Mondays. It was a very interesting school building.
When we went for the school dinner, one of the teachers came to us and said "I'm terribly sorry, but you cannot eat here since you're not a student of this school." I almost cried, but I had to understand them. I'm such a fatty anyway, so it was good to spear one dinner ( ̄_ ̄ i)( ̄Д ̄;;
学校ディナーの言ったときせんせいは私の隣に来た、そして「申し訳ございませんが、あなたはこの学校の学生ではないから、ここで食べてできません」と言っていました。ほとんど泣いていたけど、先生のいたことを分かった。あたしはでぶですから、一つのディナーを食べないほうがいいだよ。( ̄_ ̄ i)( ̄Д ̄;;

During the English class I drew a picture of Miss D... Rei took a picture of it ( ̄ー ̄;
英語のクラスのとき私はMiss D (ミスディー)の写真を描きました・・・ピーアちゃんがあの写真の写真を取った( ̄ー ̄;
「彼女は本当にこのホットじゃないけど、こちらはMiss D!」
And yesterday I came back home from Joensuu.
It was great to see Piia, Henriikka and Ake (I met Henriikka and Ake for the first time). I hope we can meet again with much less stress lol!

Please take care you guys~!
ps. here's some music for you~!


あけましておめでとうございました~!♪о(ж>▽<)y ☆

We had fun! We sang some karaoke, laughed、danced and ate candies, haha! But now we're heading outside to make a snow-totoro! I'll take a picture of it~ or Rei will - because my camera is behind a lock at my school xD

とにかく、あけましておめでとうございました、みんな~!о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Hell-o 2012!