Time to act cute!




Am I ever saticfied?

I just love Punk Rave!
Like the title says it, I found something I would like to have - again. I'm such a materialist and I know that. I just love to have clothes that look even a bit good on me! I don't want to buy my clothes from places like H&M, because there is a higher possibility that you can find that same dress/coat/trouses/jeans/or whatever on somebody else as well - where ever you go. Here's the pictures of the dress and boots I would like to order next time~

But can you believe this: the price for these together is only about 85€! It's 10€ less what my kimono cost me! It's so wrong that kimonos are so expencive, when they are made right, but - just got to live with it.

I also planned that I could wear this dress for the second part of the photoshoot for my final work~ At least it would fit in the mood of the work. Oh my, I'm giving too much information and hints already about my final work XD so I'll be quiet for now. Shh~

I'm watching TV Tokyo at the moment and there's FAIRY TAIL coming~ The quality of the proadcast is really shitty, but at least I can have a bit that language bath, so I would be able to lear Japanese more easily, while listening to it 24/7~ It's like being a baby again; gotta learn the way of communication that everyone is using around you. At least I use this as one method to learn the language~


Room No. 382 & Koi no Doutei

My preorder finally arrived! KanonxKanon's Koi no Doutei -single arrived today with Miyavi's remix album Room No. 382~
The style of Koi no Doutei is pretty obious that it's linked into an anime intro x'D The style just tells it. This press has a remix of the song Koi no Doutei - which is a really strange piece, but still cool in a way! And I like it of course! XD

Oh, and with that single they gave me a card, which seemed a bit hilarious XD
but of course you can have this kind of a card only if you bought the Limited Edition of the single~
It has a cool cover on the cd surface!
And now to the Miyavi's remix album Room No. 382 (I'm actually raping its tracks at the moment). I just love this DJ! Emma also sees this dude really talented and I bet we both worship this guy - for reason! I'm just so glad I can finally have my hands on these songs in high quality! Of course I listen to music on internet as well, but I really like more to have the physical cd in my collection. I really don't care for the editions which you can only buy on line and then download. Of course I do burn the songs to my computer as well, but just because in this way I'll keep my cds protected, that I won't use them too much and scratch them accidentally. What a horrible vision x__x

And quess what? They send me a sticker of "Thiz is the Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour 2008" with it!

Oh, and about a week ago, when I came back from Karo's place, someone had put a drawing of a hart on our door! I asked that had my roommate a good time since she had hanged that on there, but then she was like "what heart? I haven't drawn any hearts o.o"
But sorry for the messed up pictures, their sizes really aren't correct, but the blogger has some difficulties with the picture adding, 'cuz it won't let me add pictures in any other way than using HTML and I'm too lazy to change the height and width amounts, sowwy XD

And sadly I noticed that 1 of my readers has left. Now there's only 15 of us in the team left ,__,
But I hope the guys are left here are going to have as much fun here as always~
New readers! Remember to subscribe and live a comment below, thank you~
And I haven't got any requests about the vlog I'm atending to shoot during the trip to Stockholm and back to see GACKT and his YFC tour >3
So let me hear some ideas and do you even want me to do this~


Wnb episode.0

Alright! I finally got some pics of that kimono of mine! I wasn't able to get glue for my nail tips today, but I'll buy a tube or two before Kawacon hits us~

But unfortunately, I listened to GACKT's episode.0 during the photoshoot (believe it or not I did the whole photoshoot by myself - including the photoshoping) so I ended up posing in a pic like this... Let's call it WNB episode.0! XD
Just look at it! Is'nt it? XD There goes my purple soul in tiny little pieces. Byeee soul. You were a pain in my ass and also a really good partner.

Hopefully I got it back though XD
You'll never know am I walking without it already..

And here's the next one, which shows a lot more of the kimono. The pose isn't that good thoughl But at least it'll show you how cool that huge costume is~

So there it is: my costume for Kawacon 2011 in Joensuu. I hope I'll be able to have some more pics, which could be taken OUTSIDE (please!). I wanted to do my photoshoot outside today, but of course it had to rain the whole day. But when I got back home, sun shined for like 2 hours and then it started to rain again. Of course I was dying my hair during that 2 hours and now I can't have pics outside again with my blue hair T__T
Am I a bit superficial? A lot! XD

I wonder will there be any people, who would like to have a picture of me at Kawacon.. I paid so much for this and it would be a bit dissappointing to be just there and stand while others are having long photoshoots. Jelousy a bit - perhaps? XD
But I quess it'll be here for today.

Oh not yet! Emma said that our tickets to YFC have been arrived today! So this really makes me have goosepumbs - really! XD And the preorder from YesAsia.com should be here soon as well, 'cuz that preorder was made over 2 months ago and the release date was like 5 days ago XD
I want to go outsideeeee! ;__; stupid rain.
Maybe I'll leave you guys for now and I'll start to watch RWJ if he has posted a new episode of Equals Three. Bye now~


I kinda like it~


Now our only problem is the hotel/hostel/motel. It'll be a little bit tricky to find a cheap one with so short call. Gotta hope the best and be prepared for the worst.

And my false eye lashes and nailtips arrived~ And I just remembered that I don't own any nail tip glue! Forgot to buy that yesterday while I was in town with Aliisa and Kämy. We were planing a bit schedule (not really at all) for the photoshoot for my final work~

But anygays, I'll start to play with the camera and kimono and so on and so forth - maybe today or tomorrow. Right now I just feel like I could modify the layouts of my blog and IRC-Gallery profile - once again. Will there be any month I would be saticfied with the result long enough? XD


"Do you prefer Helsinki boy or An Cafe boy?"

I prefer An Cafe boy.
I can't believe it's been over 2 years since the last gig in Finland (in Helsinki and Tampere) T__T

Now I really start to miss the gigs again. There's no way I could keep myself toghether any longer! I wish the come back summer for An Cafe - and I wish it'll be here soon!
And yes, I found out that Sano-san is going to make an apperiance in a web comic called ナニコレ!? JAPAN~カワイイはニッポンを救う~!

Now where was I? Oh yes! At least I keep my mood up via watching RWJ with stupid jokes~
I hope you'll find his show as much interesting as I do~ Wait, what? Why did that sound so wrong? XD


Hey Rainbow - Hey Olympia!

They were delicious~! Yumm~
Well here I am: at home at last after another exhausting buss trip. But I had fun at Karo's though~ We sang karaoke a bit and went to Kuopio on one day. Of course I had to buy those two pieces of chocolate, which were made in a shape of a dog and a god damn golf ball! Man they were delicious~ Also that day was kinda hilarious too - in a way. We were going to stalk some very expencive pieces of clothing, but on the way there some drunken guy started to chase me with words "hey rainbow! hey rainbow! hey rainbow!" So I said to Karo "go! Go! GO!" so we shouldn't have to stop to talk with that drunken one. Geez. And while we came back from the store, he was on a piss in that public area! That was the time to sneak away without that dude being able to notice us.

But the kimonos finally arrived home! FINALLY! Now I'll be waiting for the fake eyelashes, fake nail tips and the white wig~ After that I'll be able to take some pics~ But here's a few anygays. They gave me a beautiful piece of jewelry with them~ Isn't it pretty too? It has some kind of Buddha inside it - and ti spins..XD

But here are the pics for now~ I'll take some more when the rest of the purchases are here like I already said.

And I've got some other good news too: we've got the tickets for the flights to Sweden and back to Finland! So the YFC is one step closer to be truelly one of the events during my summer holidays!

Now I should get back to work and get an idea for the final work with the subject "Freedom"
It sure gets exciting~ And I hope one of my ideas will be a good one so I'll start to develop it before it's really too late and I come up with some stupid idea that doesn't work at all in the end. And that's the thing I won't allow to happen. I am going to do something great and succeed on it!

But for now, I'll let you guys to get on your summer holidays~ And remember to leave requests (if you have any) via a comment! Feel free to just comment as well~

See you guys soon! At Kawacon in Joensuu!

Someone had dropped that poor little card on the ground 8<


Va roligt!

Hey ya all~!
Sorry for not updaiting, but I still am alive - for your misfortune! Now I'm at Karo's place and there's been happening a few things already~
Well yesterday was the party for her 'cuz now she is officially out from the basic school! I borowed some hair things from her in order to make my hairdo a bit cuter.

Men - I hate 'em!

Yesterday we went to the st1 with a bit hurry, so we had to take bikes to make it in time. BUT when I tried to open the tire's valve, it came out entirely so the tire went of course flat. Afterwards when we came back to the house, of course I wanted to make it right and pump it all back. But I needed a HAMMER in order to open the valve proper, because SOMEONE had closed it very tight with PLIERS! Now my finger has a vesicle - hmph. And they say women shouldn't mess around with tools and anything that needs force to fixed. Well I SURE WONDER WHY! WELL OF COURSE NOT IF YOU CLOSE EVERYTHING REALLY TIGHT THAT EVEN MEN NEEDS PLIERS IN ORDER TO OPEN 'EM! Fuck you, men.

Aren't they pretty~?
I also have some news about the kimonos: I was right - they ARE in Denmark right now. And of course tomorrow they'll start to ship 'em to me via truck and Itella. Dunno where the wig is playing, but I think it'll be at my place before I get there~ Oh! I also bought something AGAIN from eBay. 70 pieces of nice red nails tips and one pair of false eyelashes~

All these things I've bought from eBay are going to be in my costume at Kawacon in Joensuu~ I hope it'll be really cool and I'll do some photoshoot during the con with Piia, perhaps. I need loads of green to the background and of course Finland is the best place to look for colors like that. It'll be a perfect scene~

I also would like to mention, that the seller on eBay, who sold these nail tips and false eyelashes, sells these products with really cheap prices! Those nail tips for example cost me only about 2€! ALL THOSE 70 PIECES TOGETHER! I bet I'm going to shop at that place for several times more in the future~


Maaninka - Here I come!

So today I'll be heading to Kuopio, where Karo and her dad are going to pick me up and there we are headed to Kinnulanlahti~
But before I take the buss, I need to take that video camera back to the Senior High School - I don't want it to stay here at my place and then be forgoten! And though I have to do my final work during the summer holidays, I need a video camera that can record at least 800fps in high quality, and this one I have here isn't that good - it's old.

I also have to wash my hair and dye them again, since the blue has almost faided away. Then I have to do the makeup and hairdo etc. AND after THAT gotta visit a shop for a lil' snack for the time I'm gonna sit in the buss~ (Gotta love Kuopion liikenne -busses btw). I also have to buy a new tube of Veet, so I can shave my eyebrows and pits aaaand legs and other privates aaaaaaaand so on (why In hell I'm talking things like this on a public blog?).

Gotta buy the ticket first as well!

But now I quess I'll take a little nap, so I can focus in the morning~

Oh! And I almost forgot: there's no way that our kimonos will be here on time anymore. You see, the parcel was stucked in the UK for entire 7 DAYS! It just kept showing the status "Data transferred to GLS System as preadvice" but when I contacted the GLS via two different languages (English and Finnish), the parcel started to move right away! Now the status is Outbound from GLS location" so it has been picked up. Wanna bet that the parcel will be sent to Denmark first? And from there it'll be trancfered to Turku (FInland) via truck, which takes 2 business days aaaaaaaand from there it'll be handed over to Itella (Finnish post company) IF it's letted through the customs! Aaand of course Itella also has to mess around with me: I bet it's gonna take about 3 business days it to get via Kuopio or Mikkeli to here Savonlinna and the post office in Miekkoniemi. And if the post officer is on a bad mood, he/she won't send me the announcement card during the same day but on the second day! Just gotta love this system.

But though it was a disappointment that the kimonos didn't arrive on time, I still made another purchase via eBay already~ I bought a looooooong white wig. We'll see which one of the products will arrives first.

Oh, and here's the GLS's HP (in Finnish though). See the very end of the page: http://www.gls-finland.com/www/ 

It gave me a good laugh! "on time" Yeah right!

And sorry, that I keep changing the layout of this blog almost every day x'D I just haven't found a layout that saticfies me entirely yet. Maybe that day will reach us soon~


Misfortune Day

Both, GLS and the Social Services Department are messing around with me!
GLS keeps my parcel for entire week in the UK and SSD haven't paid for my income support yet, though it's over mid day already!