YesAsia o/

Okay. I've been a customer of YesAsia.com for a while now, and I still am XD! I just wanted to share with you guys what I've bought since I started to be a customer of YesAsia:

So there's 2 CD's from An Cafe: BB Parallel World [Japan First Press Limited Edition Jacket A Album] and Natsu Koi Natsu GAME [Japan First Press Limited Edition Jacket A Single].
Then there's 2 CD's from GACKT: EVER [Japan First Press Limited Edition Single] and Koakuma Heaven [Japan ver. Single].
The list continues with 1 CD from girugamesh: COLOR [Japan ver. Single].
And then there's one more single from KanonxKanon: Calendula Requiem [Japan First Press Limited Edition].
And the DVD that just arrived home is SUPERNATURAL THE ANIMATION - the first season Vol. 1.

And for your information, I haven't forgoten my friends: I've bought for them dozens of times XD:
for examle I've bought; GACKT's EVER and Koakuma Heaven for my friend Emma, girugamesh's COLOR and BORDER for Karo, KanonxKanon's Calendula Requiem [Japan normal edition] for Janita, Miyavi's TORTURE [single] and WHAT'S MY NAME? [limited low price edition] for Kämy and finally girugamesh's COLOR for my roommate XD

YesAsia is just such a sweet place, so it have become one part of my life, just about the side of eBay XD
I just love to live this time, when it's possible to order goods from Japan and China just through the internet~~

One An Cafe's CD I bought directly inside Finland: it was the European edition of Harajuku Dance Rock and I bought it during the autograph session so the guys could sing it ~~ Actually I bought two of them, since they had gig in two different towns xD and of course I had to be in both of them! I sold the other CD later on for my ex-friend. It was hard to give up on something that had those sings of THEM T^T
But alright, I still got my own~

A! And my friends haven't forgotten me either: on my birthday Kämy gave me on of his own collection of Japanese music: Miyavi's 7 SAMURAI SESSIONS We're KAVKI BOIZ
but STILL I think that my collection of Japanese music is way too small.
Gotta buy more in the near future: like Miyavi's remix album "[Room 382]" and the new single from KanonxKanon "Koi no Doutei" which has its release date on 25th of May~

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the little Japan mini toys that I get almost everytime I order from YesAsia and they're free of charge! (Okay the one of the newest toys I paid for Kakashi, 'cuz the total of buyings on that session was too little about $0,18 so I wasn't allowed to have free shipping IF I didn't ad something to the cart BD)

Till then-