Sweden plans: success!

Yay~! We've got the tickets for GACKT's concert in Sweden~! Thank you, Emma! Thank you~!
We'll be leaving from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and start heading to Stockholm in 8th of August~! And now we should start to book a place in a hostel and the flights. That's a smaller concirne right now though.

It's a great feeling, that we're finally able to see GACKT in person, since he's one of the best artists in the world! Or so to say, he's more like a god nowadays - as he calls himself as well~


So now, would you like me to make a vlog about that trip, perhaps? Live a comment below~
And here's a little taste from the last YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz 2010 TOUR in Japan~
Man, those guys are lucky~ And I sure hope he's gonna perform this song at the Arenan as well! It's so awesome in live version!

All we have to do now, is wait T w T (and all those bookings of course!) Ow, man! I just get more excited every minute! XD Is this real anymore? I sure hope it is! Oh gosh.......... Finally we'll see him in action!
And now when I started to think about it: WE HAVE TO GET SOMETHING FOR HIM AS A PRECENT! Maybe I'll do one 'Show your heart' -sing as well~ Gotta keep supporting Japan after all what it's been trhough!

Come to say 'hi', if you'll see us in the line~!

And we're still waiting for the kimonos... I really hope they'll be here soon T__T



..the summer holidays are almost here and of course all of us have some plans! First, I'm going to see Karo in June 3rd and I quess I'm staying there for a week or so~ Now I only have to buy my tickets for the bus that goes to her town (or village maybe) and cross my fingers that our kimonos will be here at my place before I have to get the bus~~! But the good news is, that the kimonos are going to be in United Kingdom tomorrow, which means that it won't be long! Although... there's always that stupid customs which might take our kimonos and ask for extra payment and so on and so forth x_x Anyways, we'll keep our hopes high!

After I come back from Karo's place I'll start planing for the trip to Sweden... 'cuz I'm gonna go to see GACKT there with my friends~! Emma and Karo are coming with couple of their friends as well~ And of course we've got problems on that one too: we have no idea how to buy a concert ticket from a foreign country without any credit card through the internet! Well there's always that possibility, that Emma's dad could call for the company which sells the tickets and just order 'em (since they live in Vaasa and of course knowing the Swedish language is almost a standard there). I hope I'll get a bit more information after Emma comes back online~~ I just can't wait to see HIM - FINALLY!
Here's the tourlist for GACKT's YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz 2011 EUROPEAN TOUR (with ticket links attached!):

20.07.2011 - Le Bataclan, Paris [FR] TICKETS!
21.07.2011 - Le Bataclan, Paris [FR] TICKETS!
23.07.2011 - E-Werk, Cologne [DE] TICKETS!
26.07.2011 - Melkweg, Amsterdam [NL] TICKETS!
27.07.2011 - Forum, London [UK] TICKETS!
29.07.2011 - Bikini, Toulouse [FR] TICKETS!
30.07.2011 - Razzmatazz, 1 Barcelona [ES] TICKETS!
01.08.2011 - Backstage, Werk Munich [DE] TICKETS!
03.08.2011 - Huxleys, Berlin [DE] TICKETS!
04.08.2011 - Syma B, Budapest [HU] TICKETS!
06.08.2011 - Stodola, Warsaw [PL] TICKETS!
07.08.2011 - Haus, Auensee Leipzig [DE] TICKETS!
09.08.2011 - Arenan, Stockholm [SE] TICKETS!
11.08.2011 - Arena, Moscow Club Moscow [RU] TICKETS!

(And it's kinda our own fault, that he won't show up in Finland with a concert - it's just because we're so embarrasing to ourselves and to HIM as well! I just know it!)

I think I'm gonna have to start doing a vlog during the trip to Sweden. At least it would give a lot more colour to this blog~ What do you guys think? Give me your requests via comment below, if you have any~



Alrighty! Tomorrow I'll be going to Pieksämäki and here should be everything I need to take with meh.
I would like to clime that it's my teacher's fault that I have to take a video camera with me, but it's my own fault, since I kept skipping the exercise we had to do ages ago xD BUT this Bakacon is now the only place I can actually do this exercise.

But I'll meet you at Pieksämäki~


The transformation of the year 2011

Yup. They gave me that title on the last school party. They said that I never have a same outfit for two times XD



This master piece made me to cry since it was so beautiful ;__;! I wish I would have made up that idea and made it as my final work in here art senior high school. But I won't tease you with my long intro texts any longer, but let you have to see this master piece I keep cheering about:


Ow man.. XD

So perhaps this is the way they greet your customer in the morning if you're a paper guy:

It says: "GOOD MORNING! Fresh greetings from your paper guy." Well GOOD MORNING TO YOU TOO XD It's about 4.10 A.M. and we've got a paper boy on a loose... so sad XD


The Kimono is now paid TwT

Okay I paid my kimono and ordered Karo's kimono as well (but of course I wasn't actually the one who was paying it xD).
Both were really expencive, but we'll see was it worth it~
I'll send pictures of 'em a bit later, when they arrive to my place :3

Here are the pictures from the listing on ebay:

This pink is Karo's choice~ and it cost about 87€ including shipping fees.

And here's my choice~ I love it 'cuz it's so huuuuge~ and marvelous of course -w-
aaaaand this master piece cost me 97€ including the shipping fees. x__x You might have already figured out, that I gotta eat less this month, but I'll manage~

More pictures later~