Oh my Shinya!

Is this possible?! I can see BOTH, GACKT and SHINYA in this year?! YES! OH YES!
KanonxKanon is heading to Finland during it's European Tour!
7.11.11 is the date and they start sell tickets next monday (5.9.)! I'm SHACKING!
After this long time QwQ-baby.
Tickets can be found here http://www.tiketti.fi/tapahtuma/12963
The Tour info here http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/DF/kanon_kanon/?info&id=aep379951
and here http://www.twisted-talent.com/

I'm a crazy fangirl again XD


I should never..

..look at the hair style gallery when I feel like going to the hairdresser.

This one looks like one of the GACKT's old styles
I seriously loved this one! I would like to have this kind of hair style as well!
'cuz I want them all!


YFC-blanket is done!

Yess! It's done! So for everyone to know, who's coming to the YFC in Sweden, I'll be collecting names on this - it doesn't matter will you use your real name or just nick. And after it's full of names I'd like to have a punch of people to hold it and shout "NIPPON GAMBARE!" to the , 'cuz I'll be filming it and sending to the GACKT's homepage, where's a punch of vids and pics of "SHOW YOUR HEART" -sings.

I'll post this to the event's facebook wall.. at least through that more people who are coming to the event can be informed about this before handed, so I don't need to shout my lungs out before the gig has started, hehe.

If you got any thoughts or something to say about the idea, please tell me those via comment from below~


Blanket's on the wall

At the moment I'm in middle of drawing the lines for the blanket I'm gonna take with me to the YFC gig~

And it looks good already! I'm not quite sure, that will those fabric colours be enough, though. Well, if it's not enough, I'll just have to buy couple of bottles more.
Oh, and reason why I'm so rich as it sounds is that my granny gave me 200€ yesterday without any warning o__o oh well, at least now I'm able to survive this month through and pay all the bills and have some shopping even~!

Gotta do the loan request today online, 'cuz the lady in the bank said I'm able to do it from there too, so I don't have to make an appointment with an official banker. So that's that ~~

I'll be posting a pic of the blanket soon, as soon it is complete and the colour has dried~