An Cafe -sheet is ready to roll!

The sheet I'll take with me to An Cafe's concert in Helsinki is finally done! Here's a SPEEDPAINT -video of creating it, so feel free to comment!

That's all I've got to share for now. Maybe I'll post a real vlog entry some time soon~


Very Important Person is alive

It's been a long time period again since the last post and I haven't updated the dousurebaii-website either. Fortunately the VERTEX-blog's rss-feed is on there so there's at least SOMETHING going on, though this is updated pretty slowly too.

This is going to be a long entry to cover up my silence, so here's some music to keep up with me:

But now it's time to give you some news about this miserable soul's life, well not miserable really, since something good happened too :'D

The most recent things first: all An Cafe fans or at least the European fans were going insane since the information about VIP-ticket upgrades was released. Neo Tokyo started the VIP sale on 28th of September at 12 noon CET. Everyone tried to purchase a VIP upgrade for the concerts in their own country, but all everybody got by pressing the 'Order Now' -button, was a blank square page. Also the dates on every VIP ticket was wrong. However, the servers crashed soon after the sale going live, since the heavy traffic on Neo Tokyo's site (apparently Neo Tokyo didn't realize how big number of fans they were dealing with before the sale started, lol).
Then Neo Tokyo announced they would try to open the sale again on that same day. Some fans were able to place an order and even got the verification e-mail, but none of the orders went through to Neo Tokyo and the servers crashed again.
After this they closed the sale and said it will go live on 2nd of October. Like this they gave their provider the time to install a new system that would work under so heavy traffic and wouldn't crash during the time purchases were placed. Most of the fans were furious since they had wasted their time for nothing. I was one of those, since I hadn't slept that night and kept refreshing the page for the entire time. But I was happy to at least to get that information. Also they listened to what some customers had to say on their Facebook-wall and decided to sell VIPs for different countries at different times to prevent heavy traffic.

On last Tuesday it was the time to show your battling nails again and fight against all the fans out there just to get VIPs. I kept hitting the F5-button and on the very second the clock hit 12 noon CET, I pressed F5, clicked for one VIP ticket to the concert in Nosturi; Helsinki - Finland, pasted my e-mail address, typed my password and clicked 'Order now'. And successfully, I got the message "Your order was successful" and the e-mail from Neo Tokyo verifying the purchase. All that happened in 30 seconds and all the VIPs for Finland's concert were already sold out. I is happy now~

I'll be writing a report about this concert and VIP tea party, but not as a JaME member but as myself, as a fan, and it'll be available in here and dousurebaii-site. Maybe I'll make an own page for reports in dousurebaii-site. We'll see.

Also, I've been painting another sheet! This time is for these boys and it's going pretty good, except I ran out of black fabric paint.. I've gotta go to buy another bottle of it tomorrow so I can finish it and take it off from that class room's table! But here's a picture to give you an idea what it will look like when finished:
and I can already tell, that the subtext isn't going to be like that
I'm recording the progress on video and it'll be published as SPEEDPAINT-video on my YouTube channel when finished~ I'll share it on the VERTEX -blog and dousurebaii-site as well.

But now I'm running out of ideas what to give for the boys when I meet them with other VIPs! I can't knit scarves again, since Shinya-sama already has one I made for him when he visited Finland last time. Can you guys share some of your ideas what to give them? Puwittie puwease?

Next topic: I hope you like the new layout this blog has! I decided it was better to not have my ugly face as a background so now it's simple and sweet~! Also all the find me -gadget's links are now working again. Aaand the layout for dousurebaii-site was also updated.

The next thing I want to talk about is Shirocon. Karaoke was smooth enough and when it was time to let the participants of the tekken-tournament in, I thought there was only going to be 2 or 4 players. But fortunately the total of participants for this tournament was 12! Three times more than expected, so it was a lot more fun too! Last battle was played with Jin Kazama and Heihachi Mishima so all the fallen players and the audience too started laughing, since it was unexpected choice of characters (for those unfamiliar with tekken-series, Jin and Heihachi are relatives and somewhat in a war between each other).The winner was given a little towel and headphones. I hope he enjoys them XD

What next? Oh yes! This Friday I'm going to Helsinki together with Emma in order to celebrate her 18th birthday. I've already made her present and the SPEEDPAINT video of it, but I won't set it as public before I've given the present to her, so she won't get any spoilers :3 That video will be published on dousurebaii-site and here too.

-sigh- Today I tried to figure out what kind of hair do would be good for Emma's birthday and the VIP tea party next month. Here's the result:
It took me over 1h and 45 minutes to get that hair do ready! Curling is so slow to do, but our old curling iron is still working and does its job great!

And I'm sure I forgot to mention something, but here are the main points for now. Have a good one and sleep well~ Byebee~