No..No..Is this real?
I miss them. Come to safe - here in Finland XD
And tomorrow it'll be 2 years since An Cafe performed at Pakkahuone.
Makes me feel want to cry ,_,



I'm so ill, that I can't even write proper. And top of that, I've still got some fever --.--*
Well some might think that if I have enough time to whine about it in my blog, I'm not ill enough.
Well, correction: I'm NOT ABLE TO SLEEP EITHER 'cuz of this flu. Every night I wake up covered by a massive amount of cold sweat. Ewww

And that doesn't make flu go away. Not at all..

Gotta sip that god damn warm lemon juice and wait for the flu to leave.
Even my eyes feel like they're boiling.



You should've seen Kämy's face yesterday! XD Oh well, at least I can be sure he really was pleased with the gift I gave him^^

But the bad news:
I'm ill and I've got about 39 celcius degrees fever =_=




Okay, I've been at my sis' about 2 days now, and tomorrow is girugamesh's gig! TwT
Hopefully I'm not gonna kill anyone. But FINALLY I feel a bit excited - butterflies within my stomach : D

But going back to the last week:
I had great time TwT
What a pitty that a week went so fast, that I wasn't able to be amusing at all while I was as a quest at Emma's (or actually her dad's. We weren't at her appartment~). And she got a little flu and had to watch over the kids right after I left there ,__, At least I could've help the parents watching over the kids while they were in a bub (or something like that), so Emma shouldn't have babysit the kids while she's ill! But of course I had to live same day, so I couldn't T.T

But the BJD-meeting in the very start of the week was great~! And of course Alisa forgot Titus' handcufs there - on the floor BD
I'll retun them to her next friday, while my photoshoot :3

My stomach is really going crazy about the gig of tomorrow XD
I can't even wright right!
So, I quess I'm gonna go to the shower to calm down a bit~