well ya know where immah headin' to?~
Vaasa, here I come baby~!


The Shirocon's website is finally published!

Now when I've updated the layout of this blog, I was able to publish our website for Shirocon~!
The text is only in Finnish, but you can take a look for the layout and that how it works :3


ps. Facebook has banned solidwebhost so I cannot hotlink the website there D88



Yesterday...I turned 18!
This is amazing! Even the devil boy is no match for it! (I'll quit quoting Devil May Cry 3 and Jester now..XD)

And what a marvelous party it was...!: only mom showed up..
Well, there was no party planned anyway, so why bother to whine that why there wasn't any friends with me to watch Spirit :'3 (last year we found ourselves watching the Swan Princess..)

Anyway, for now I've send papers to 3 different places asking for a summer job, printed the extended essay -'manual' for a friend, printed 3 seasons of japanese dialogs (8 more to go and 1 season has about 30 lessons and one lesson has about 6-8 pages + kanji-pages..), have had a conversation with a friend about the oriental presentation about transsexualism (found videos and pictures for it too) for the english lesson for tomorrow, payed for the hair color AND updaited this blog for a change XD

And NOW I've still got some work to do:
  • Photoshop and code the home page and logo for the Shirocon TODAY
  • buy the tickets for the buss from here to Vaasa and Helsinki
  • English Extended Essay
  • KUPE-comic
  • Picture-analyses
And top of all my dad whines how he doesn't have work and blah blah.. LIKE I COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO IT

But now, I'll return to my 'office' to multitasck myself~