New year..wopee?

Yup, it's new year already and I didn't come up with anything to do to you guys ,_, I'm really really sorry, but my laptop wouldn't co-operate. So, I'll be spending my hours by painting these babies I've been babbling about through last couple of blog entries~

Also, GIGANTTI had some middle-day-sales and only on one specific day they've lowered the price of a PlayStation 3 Super Slim all the way to 169€! It's the 12GB flash memory version, but I'll buy an HDD and the caddy for it at some point. And I swear I'll spare some tens of euros by buying these parts as used and NOT directly from Sony. Sony is just making money like this, leaving the caddy out from the 12GB version, just you could purchase it with higher price. But for now, I'll see how long I'm able to play with this thing without any HDD. (External hard drive could be an option too..).

So, please tell me, if you have a 2.5" SATA HDD you could sell me with a low price ^-^ ( I bet that's never gonna happen.. )
But here's the main message:
Goodbye 2012 Hell-O 2013!


My presents to me

This is me at the moment:
...or at least that's how I feel. Selfish and ignorant. And the best way to heal this feel is to start finally painting those portraits. Now I honestly start. I promised I would paint these during the holidays and I'm gonna keep that promise - you can count on that!

And while I'm at it, I'm waiting for SOME parcels to arrive my place.. 4 to be exact: 3D pre-designed nail tips, 10 pair of lower eyelid false lashes, lolita dress and earphones purchased last night. The first three are all for Desucon Frostbite. I want to look at least good when selling those paintings and all. Maybe I should start finishing the two AMVs I've been making.. they've been in ice for a while to help me get new ideas while I'm not staring at them a whole time. It's good to freshen up a bit like that~

So, only one more DBZ episode and I'm off the computer and painting :3
Here's some music from an artist I think needs a little bit more attention. If he had a gig in Finland, I bet I would be in that party:

ps. I'm still wondering what to do to you guys on new year.. On Finnish time FOX airs the Asian music awards after new year midnight, but I don't think there would be any surprises.. PSY of course wins and there's a tiny chance that I could see GACKT, An Cafe and the GazettE in that very same program - but only a tiny chance. And I can stare at them on computer anyways, so I'll pass.



I should be ashamed of myself! It's been over a month since my last post and I've still not done with the SPEEDPEN video.. I hope you guys can understand, when I say my mother's tongue portfolios have been taking most of my time and effort and therefore I've had no more strength to do anything else alongside that. But now the situation has changed and I'm all cheery again!

The Christmas is on its way and I have no idea what to do during the holidays. Well, I'll be sitting and painting those orders some of you my readers have made (that also means more SPEEDPAINT videos) :3 And of course I'll play with Muumi! He seems to love me, so we get along pretty well.

However, I've got an idea what to do to you guys during the new year, if you're not busy watching fireworks: I'd like to play live a Spyro game for PlayStation 2 with Piia, but the problem is, my computer crashes after 10 minute broadcast. Mostly I know it's because of Xsplit. My laptotp doesn't seem to like it that much, even though I've installed the latest updates! Other than that everything works preeety good.. It's possible I may have to use Piia's laptop, all though I rather not. If I wished to broadcast with her laptop, I should install Xsplit, EasyCap and perhaps the microphones all over again on it. And I doubt it would work.. If it was a deskset, it would be a lot better because of its higher power. I even purchased a 4 month license for Xsplit so the broadcast could have at least higher audio quality.. So, what to do?

And I'm still taking orders for the paintings! Leave comment on this post or the one before this or on any post you like! Just remember to mention your email-address and I'll contact you with further information :3

But here's a couple of prices I've calculated:

A4: 15€
A3: 30€
A2: 60€
A1: 100€ (I doubt anyone wants to order that big xD)

Prices with posting prices included (inside Finland)
A4 + sending: 21,90€
A3 + sending: 36,90€
A2 + sending: 60€ + (shipping cost will be calculated from the weight)

A1-sized painting is too big (80cmx60cm) to send. I also paint in smaller sizes if you like.

I hope these prices won't scare you :'3 You can still make an offer, if you had any doubts on the prices listed here.

Now here's some music from DAZZLE VISION, which I totally missed while being all hype about An Cafe's concert (was released 14th of October) :3

Stay tuned for the info about new year's broadcast!
End of the world isn't coming any time soon! And ps. only 4 more pageviews and this blog has reached 10 000 hits! I like the sound of that :3