A broadcast tomorrow!

The broadcast is aired tomorrow and can be seen on the Live broadcast! -subpage!

That is all XD



Today was the christmas live show by studioblue3! LiSA was also as a guest!
But guess what: I really don't have anything to say! THE PICTURES WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!

LiSA was singing the song when she came in~ She also gave those drawings of the boys XD

Look at his face XD

DUDUM he vanished..
 During the live show they aired the Disney movie Aladdin on Finnish television.. so I kinda watched that at the same time and didn't spot when Sano-san vanished to somewhere. I also missed the part when he came back XD

But it was funny to watch and listen! Merry Christmas to you all! And Happy New Year!


Sano-san x Xmas~!

Sano-san is going to have a live show on Xmas on this year too! 24th of December that is, at 15-17 (3-5pm) EET. Check for your local time, so you won't miss it! The show starts at 10pm, Japan's local time.

Show is also featuring SPARK and I HOPE that Nagata-san is also going to appear this year too!

So remember to watch it on this Saturday
from niconico: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv74502753
from ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/studio-blue-3-test
or from studioblue3's homepage (actually it's the same stream as ustream): http://www.studioblue3.com/index2.html

Check the news from the studioblue3's homepage (just in case you don't trust my word |3): http://www.studioblue3.com/news.html


Chocolate makes you feel better

I made some heart-shaped chocolate~ Who wants some?
So, today I came up with a new idea what I could do as my final work in art senior-high. There's only one issue: it's not so visual-art-based work that I have in mind, but it also has that in it. You guessed it right - it includes music. That's all I'll say for now.

I'll be sending some of those pieces of chocolate to Emma for Xmas (though they won't be there on time anymore, but it doesn't matter), but first I need to finish the other thing I've been doing for her. And after that the whole thing has to be packed nicely~

el vipstaakkelo. Donde esta reikä johon tunkea tämä?
(The subscribers of Raumoogle @ YouTube knows this quote)


Stupid final work

I'm getting a feeling that this work isn't gonna work. I had to return 5 cameras before we could even start the shooting. And yesterday we finally got some time for the shooting, but I was tired; moving didn't look so good, and for the top of that: the cameras didn't cooperate. Some of them filmed like they were closer to the center of the circle, even when they were as far as the other cameras or even more far away. And some of the cameras quit shooting without my 'permission'. They did have enough memory and battery, but they just stopped filming! Oh, and there's more: one camera had a memory card, BUT the space in it was only a bit over 200MB... so, you didn't even shoot over 6 minutes with that. Oh, and it was EMPTY. I did make sure of that.

After the shooting I just packed the bags and stored the cameras in my lock closet at the school. I didn't even watch the result yet. I guess I'm gonna move the clips from the cameras to the computer and from there to the server, though. If the video doesn't work even after over-editing, I guess I'm gonna have to pull this one off and come up with another idea - and FAST.

I just still have the feeling, that the video is not gonna work T_T
It's been hell.

But thank god I called to the dentist and they gave me an appointment - for fuckin' April! Do I have to live with this taste in my mouth for 4 months?! -sigh- Well, if I had phoned there earlier, when this happened for the first time (6 months ago), I bet this issue would be concluded already =u= But, a dumb is a dumb. I also learned that last time I visited the dentist was 5 years ago... The time really has passed way too fast. I thought I visited the dentist in junior-high, but seems like that I didn't. Now my mouth pays it back - darn it.


Guess whut

Stupid layout.. BUT I promise, that I won't change the layout before the next photoshoot, because I decided to use my own pictures in the header from now on. I've been using artists as the background and header, because I thought that keeping an own picture as a header looks stupid and of course: self-centered. But now my blog looks like that it is kept by some over-obsessed fan. Well I am that too - unfortunately..
Well, the background may wake different ways of thinking; for example, if I keep the background like this, most of the readers might think, that this place isn't worth of reading; but a picture of myself might cause people to think that I'm so self-centered, that I'll see no-one else but everyone beneath my long nose. This is so difficult to decide, but I guess it'll be better this way..

So it's settled!
I'll put a poll over the left side's bar and ask you this: "Which picture would be better as a header: a picture of myself or a picture of an artist?"

Give me tons of answers for that, because I soooo wanna change this theme already, 'cuz I'm already sick of it!
I'm not saying that I hate Sano-san, NO WAY! This issue is just all about personalizing.
Make that poll scream!