VIP for the GazettE's concert


Now, is there any among my readers, who are also going to attend this concert in Finland? Do you have a hunch how many VIPs there are all together? Would be nice to say hi in person. :3

It was a war to get a ticket to this concert. Tiketti.fi opened the line for these tickets at 8am and sales at 9am. Many didn't know, that there was lining even at the online store, so they kinda came to purchase their tickets 'late'. I was able to get a spot of very first customers in line, so there was no worries. I've got a VIP ticket for me and my good friend Henkka :3

This time the sales were more furious and fast than the last time the GazettE visited Finland; tickets were all sold out within a half an hour. VIPs were sold out a lot faster. But still I like tiketti.fi's methods of  using online line up. I guess those, who have experience with buying a VIP ticket via neotokyo.de, know why.

The last sixth of this year in high school is about to start. So, there will be only a few posts coming up, but I guess you guys have already gotten used to it, haha! After the school ends, I'll be telling stories about the party and the submissions I'm sending/have sent to the universities I'd like to continue my studies at. After that.. there might be some reviews of clothes. I dunno. We'll see~

Bye now!