Still waiting... and waiting

POW! How's it been with you guys? Let's skip the usual apology and get straight to the topic.

Yeah, I graduated alright. And I still don't have any pictures from the party, because it takes some time to get them from my sister... So you guys MAY get to see some pictures, IF my sister sent them to me some time soon.

So, there's been a couple of entrance exams before and after graduation.
First one was for Lahti's university to study furniture designing and I didn't even get to the exam part; my works, that had to be made before handed, didn't score that high, so I was rejected.

Second one was for Helsinki's university to study Japanese language and culture, and the preparing for the test went BADLY wrong: I was reading mechanically, so I wasn't mentally really there when I read the history book (didn't even get to the half way..). AND the Finnish language book I had was the wrong one. So, basically one book I couldn't finish and the other wasn't even the correct one. Well, you guessed it: the exam went horribly and I was the very first one to leave (after 1 HOUR I've sat there, trying to write something.. I'm sure I sounded like a first grader in everything I wrote..). That leads to my conclusion of this exam: I'm not waiting to get accepted. It's impossible.

Right after graduation I sent my application to Fria Kristliga Folkhögskolan in Vaasa, to study Japanese language, culture, history and society. I had been writing that 1.5 pages long text for couple of months and I still think I didn't sound convincing enough to get my spot in their classroom. And I actually had to resent the papers very next day, because my school messed up with my grades: they forgot to put a mention about two courses I had attended to (without those I would had only 73 courses, which isn't enough to graduate from Finnish senior secondary high school). The answer SHOULD reach me by 28th of this month and I've still heard nothing.. Only two mornings with mail to go. Keep your fingers crossed!

The last entrance exam was a couple of days after the graduation and it was to Tampere's university to study game creating. In my opinion it went quite well, but I can be sure only when I can hear something from their way. They will release the info about accepted students 1st of July at the earliest. So, still waiting for that too.

One month has gone by and only one more to go, before I need to move out from this apartment. Kinda sad, since I've lived here for 4 years now, but it's finally time to move on and stretch my wings.

In the mean time I'll be playing games and translating for JaME. A friend of mine introduced me to the most popular fighting game in Japan: BlazBlue. And I'm already in love with its characters, especially Taokaka. She's stupid, but also represents the character of a cat: lazy and always hungry as fuck.

I hope I can get this blog up and running in the way I want soon, too. But for now, bye~

(nnnnnnnyaa... Still not nyeeeeeet?)