All aboard the fan girl train!

So, it's the first blog entry of this year, though it's already the 20th of January. Pardon me for such a long silence, once again.

The 18th of January I took a train to Helsinki in order to meet my sister. We had a nice Saturday and today I left home, and to be exact, still siting in the train. About in a half an hour there will be a switch of trains, so I'd better make this entry as fast as possible. There's really nothing that in particular to "report" on, though.

Well, I did buy the caddy for PS3 Super Slim but it still is on its way, since I bought it on Friday. It still hasn't got the chance to get on the road.
So, all that is still missing is a 2.5" SATA HDD. I'm still looking, so please let me know, if you've got one you could let go with a small price :3

I'll shut down my laptop now and when the train reaches Savonlinna, I'll be continuing the painting of those orders.. I'm really behind from schedule, but things will sort out. Promise.

See you guys later! Here's some music, and you can see I've been watching way too much Cyborg 009 (2001 made remake anime) once again XD Can't stop listening!
May I present you: globe - What's the justice?