BIG news!

PAO! Today Taokaka will represent my moods throughout this post :3

Like some of you might have read from last post's comments, I got accepted to FKF!

The story goes, that when I posted the last post about waiting, the very next day that very waited letter popped down in my mailbox. For the whole time I had been half asleep and instantly woke up at the time a doorbell rang or the mail slammed on the floor through the mail box (it's not a box, you idiot.. it's just a whole in a door. with a lid.).

So, basically when that letter arrived, I didn't care at all for the results from the universities. And when they finally arrived, turned out, that I wasn't accepted either of those. So FKF is the only place I got accepted to. But thank heavens for that, I still can roll on the floor for all the joy! I finally can study Japanese "full time"!

After that I instantly had to send applications to couple of landlords in Vaasa, so I could get a roof on top of my head too. And it was getting to drain my sanity, when there was no answer until 5 days ago. I was offered an apartment with ~420€/month rent, which is basically all I get as financial aid from government. All this automatically equals "TAKE A STUDENT LOAN". I really don't like the idea, because I already had that for one year and the amount creeps me out. But in this situation, it seems there's no other option at this time.

So yes, I GET TO MOVE OUT FROM HERE! Finally! After 4 long years in Savonlinna, I'm moving all the way to the west coast. Bye bye, Russian tourists!

This also means, that there won't be mommy visiting me every weekend (and maybe not even every other month). So it'll be stretching out my wings, though I'm a little scared.

I can thank Emma for being my friend and telling me about FKF's existence. Without her I would probably cry on the floor right now. You'll be hanging out with me while I'm there, right? Pretty puwease!

Also my friend Karo deserves to be thanked. She helped me out with the application I sent to FKF, so also big thanks to her!

The apartment I'm moving in, is quite big for one person to live. But I won't complain, I'm just thankful they found a free apartment right in time. I'll be moving out 22nd of July. That's 5 nights from now, so.. I'll guess we're back to square one: waiting.
I've rent a van for this trip and I guess my sister and I are going to drive that ~470km of road together. Karo is also joining us to help with unpacking the car. The nasty part is, that neither of us (my sister and I are the only ones with driver's license) have any experience driving a van. Wellp, it'll be an adventure for all of us :3

But, though I'm ready to go, I've still got to wait the 5 nights. And clean up the apartment I'm leaving from. Simply put: I can't hold myself still...
I've already packed my PS2 and PS3 and neither have I a television anymore, because the old one was on its last days. So, basically I'm out of entertainment. I just can't wait before I get to purchase a new tv (or projector perhaps), couple pieces of furniture and a new game to play before school starts. I already have my eyes on a game that I've never played, and hate myself for it. Here's some music as a hint:

Bye now :3