Girugamesh @ Nosturi, Helsinki 2014/06/11 (VIP)

(This post is late as hell.. and short too, because can't remember most of the happened things anymore due to the lateness =u= -hits herself-)
 Last summer girugamesh brought some contrast to the usual j-rock concerts in Finland, because usually every band visits Finland only during the cold season. This time girugamesh came to entertain us during early summer. Fortunately they were going to perform at Nosturi, so all the hectic atmosphere of a line up was going to be away from the heart of Helsinki. The location is at a harbor, so the line up was to be nice; early summer warmth with a little cool breeze from the sea! Just a simply perfect set up for all of us to get hyped before the show.

Again, I was able to get my hands on the VIP ticket, which was sold as an upgrade by Neo Tokyo, as usual. With my wallet empty (due to the high price of the tickets), I waited for the VIP meet&greet with good people I always meet at concerts. Shared hype and joy brings always a smile to the face.

The doors were opened to the VIP ticket holders late, again, but during the little time we had with the band, we had a blast. Girugamesh is a group of chill people and I could feel them and the fans enjoying the little conversation we had at the hall. Fans were allowed to ask questions and vice versa. What I regret now, was the fact that I didn't have anything special to give the band this time around, just Fazer's classic chocolate for each of the members. But what I don't regret, is the favor I asked from them to do for the picture the staff took of me with them:
「変な顔をしてくれませんか?」"Could you make a funny face?":

For some reason, every time I have a photo with a band, my VIP tag is turned the wrong side up XD
Totally worth it and what a priceless moment! But with the pictures taken, we rushed with my friends to upstairs and to the show space. The next picture is the only thing I have, because I don't enjoy my concerts through a 2" screen of my digital camera (meaning, that I don't take pictures - I'd rather be at the moment than keep taking pictures of it and not be part of it).

The very concert was the shit! Even though it's been years when I first started to listen to girugamesh's music, they still managed to amaze me with the simple charisma they hold. It was ear candy for all of the fans!

Set list:

Intro (From "MONSTER")
Break Down
antlion pit
Bit Crash
Dirty Story
Live is Life
Another way
Never Ending Story

ALONE (Instrumental)

Thank you for an amazing show! I'll be there next time, whenever you decide to visit Finland (or nearby country) again!

For now, bye bye~

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