Desucon Frostbite 2015

The last winter was fun and games when it came to Desucon Frostbite last February at Sibelius talo, Lahti. But unfortunately for my need of sleep, I decided to make a cosplay costume for this event, when it was only 3-2 weeks away! What an idiot I was.. All that quilting made me nuts and I was still sewing during the last hour before our bus was scheduled to depart.

We went to Pori to visit my friend's parents for one day (she has very nice parents! I'd like to visit them again some time!) and left from there the next day to have some fun for three days at Desucon Frostbite! With my friend's brother we drove to Lahti and arrived to our hotel in the early evening. With our check-in done, we headed to see, what Desucon had in store for the rest of the evening. Soon after that we returned to hour hotel room and (the idiot that I was) I finished my costume during that night. It didn't come as pretty as I'd hoped, but I was an idiot.

The next day I wore my Journey cospaly! I later noticed that there still were some yarn hanging about, but I can only blame myself for that, and for rushing through with this costume. The next time I do something, it better be done on time!

Here's some pictures of my costume:

Picture by Kyu Eturautti

The mask was a total failure. I need to remake it some other time. Picture by Kyu Eturautti

Picture by Kyu Eturautti

Oiriginal picture by Harunaattori, photoshop by GJN
Needless to say I had fun! I just roamed around and watched the cosplay contest during Saturday with that costume on and on Sunday went more casual look. On Sunday I also watched the AMV contest, because I finally broke the barrier and made it to the finals with a video! But unfortunately, my video was only about 1 minute long and viewed the very first, so we all know that it didn't stay in the audience's mind for very long. Also, Attack on Titan is a very used source material, so of course it didn't get any recognition. But I'm not saying, it should have gotten any. Now that I look back at it, it was pretty lame. Here; Have a look for yourself:


I made this with Adobe Premiere, but I've come to the conclusion, that it might be for the best to finally switch to Sony Vegas Pro, because I've had less problems with it than I had with Premiere (it also exports a lot better quality video). But at least I can say, that I didn't use the god damn first shot of the anime with the god dang geese in it! I swear to god, that shot is almost every Attack on Titan AMV I've seen..

But that's it for this boring update! Thank you guys for going to the convention with me!
Stay tuned for the summer Desucon update!

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