Tracon 2015

It had been a long time since I just attended a convention just as a "fan" or non-cosplayer, so I figured that Tracon would be the best place to have a break of some sort. Most of the time was just hanging out with friends, taking pictures and walking through artist valley. It felt quite refreshing!

 Though the picture is quite black and white in tone, I had fun! We drove from Pori to Tampere with Hanna and her brother, checked in the hotel and started 'sploring!

After taking tons of pictures of my cosplaying fans, we went to see Unreality's a capella concert. It was marvelous to listen to the famous tunes preformed by just multiple human voices. It kinda gave me the idea, that if I ever moved to Helsinki, I would most probably try to get myself into that a capella choir, since their focus is mostly on nerdy content, not some religious music we sang with VYK last autumn.

On the last day we attended another concert; Piano arrangements from movies from Studio Chibli. It was quite nice to notice, that before the pianist came to the stage, there was a huge pin beside the piano. I figured, that if that's there, the pianist will come in with a cosplay costume on. And I was right! She said that the movie The Secret World of Arietty is her favorite, so she came to the stage as Arietty. All the music she played was well arranged and enjoyable to listen to.

I also came across some Fushigi Yuugi cosplays! It's SO nice to notice, that some people still enjoy the classic shoujo series. If you don't want your picture here, please let me know :'3

Miaka and Yui from Fushigi Yuugi!
There was also a Nuriko cosplay, but the cosplayer was just walking out of a concert hall and I didn't want to cause a pile up just by stopping them for a picture. It was a nice costume, though!

I don't know how to end this thing.. have a duck from the park near Tampere Talo!

Bye now!

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  1. Anonyymi3/29/2016

    Ootko menossa Tracon 11?

    1. Hotellin ainakin olen jo varannut, joten toivon mukaan kyllä :'3