kanoxkanon -VIP TEA PARTY & live concert!

Let me begin from the start. I woke up at 5.50am, but got up from the bed at 6am. The excitement kept me awake, though I had gone to sleep late over midnight, so I got time of sleep less than 5 hours - but no matter no matter, I slept last night too much! But back to yesterday: I went to shower at 7am (because the rules deny you to do anything that includes noise before that time period), put the make up on at 8am and did the 'hair do' at 9am. It ended up like I had done nothing to them, but after I arrived to Helsinki.. it was worse. I should have put those curls after all! I've always looked terrible when I've been face-to-face with Sano-san (T__T)! Feels like I should commit a suicide... naaaah! I'm not that desperate and I still have my life before me - I hope!

I arrived to Helsinki at 10.40am and there was nobody at the front yard of Tavastia! At 10.55am or so, the first girl came to the line up with me and she was from Sweden! It's happy to hear that someone had made some effort to reach a concert in another country! It says that you really care and want to see the artist in action in live!
A little while after 11am Janita came to the line up too. She also had the VIP-ticket put came to the line up with the others like me: it was better than coming right before the time period and didn't make the others in line so furious about us.

While we stood there, kanonxkanon came with their stuff in a car at 12am already! It was awesome to see them without makeup and walking inside right in front of our noses! They are so handsome and beautiful even without their make up! Makes me jealous T__T

Soon after that Anni finally came to the line up! I was happy to see her after so long time, but it was sad that she didn't get the VIP-ticket, since I know how much she appreciates Wakeshima-sans work and music and how big source of inspiration she is to her! We also saw from the front door that someone from kanonxkanon was geeking - but we couldn't tell which one it was! She or he? Well, I decided not to be a paparazzi and let them geek without some stupid fan of theirs taking a pictures of them while they do so.

Later on I got to know with a few more people and they were nice~ It was very quiet in front of the Tavastia-club though it was time to officially gather the line up! So at 3pm they ran across the road from the shopping mall's side to the Tavastia's side - with a pathetic amount of people: only around 30! Later on the amount of people started to grow~ There was only one thing that was out of ordinary: the Tavastia's security members didn't set up the metal fence to separate the line up from the second half of the sidewalk! I guess this concert wasn't 'huge' or 'popular' enough so there was no outraged people to fight in the line up.

Anni and our new friend Amina were so furious about not getting the VIP-tickets, so they bought a little present for kanonxkanon: a bag of moomin candies! They also wrote a card with heartening comments about the work and the music of Wakeshima-san and Sano-san. It made me to envy of them a little, because I couldn't say those words by myself in any better way! They took the words from my mouth (笑)They gave the bag and the card to me so I could deliver them to the kanonxkanon by myself~

At 4.30pm they should have let the VIPs in, but the staff was out of schedule. So it was around 4.50pm they let the VIPs to enter. They asked our names, IDs, tickets and the VIP-tickets. Fortunately nothing with those went wrong - the entering of the VIPs was smooth~ At that point we realized that there was only 8 VIP-ticket holders! And so the VIP - TEA PARTY finally became reality! Right after we had entered in to the entrance hallway, they gave us the long waited VIP-laminates! They hadn't printed our names on them, but they still were awesome to watch - if you know what I mean (笑)I just couldn't believe, that I really was a VIP! It is a great feeling to be a Very Important Person! (笑)

After a few minutes of waiting they let us to take our stuff to the cloakroom and after that we saw the table we were supposed to have the tea party: it was ROMANTIC! Made the all of us go like 'wwwwww~' and take a deep breath! I sure should had taken a picture of the table before nobody sat on it, but still I didn't (T__T) The translator of kanonxkanon staff told us to choose our seats by ourselves. I took a seat beside of the other head of the table. The table was set for people of 10: 4 VIPs on each long side and Sano-san and Wakeshima-san sat on the both heads of the table. While waiting them, the translator asked which drink we would like to have. They had hot chocolate and tea. The other side of the table took hot chocolate and the our side took tea. Even the translator thought it was fun and said "so it's like hot chocolate vs. tea" or was it somebody from the table? I don't really remember! Pardon me (T__T) (Please let me know who said that if you read this!) There were a nice card next to every plate~

They welcomed us to the TEA PARTY~

Finally they came in and of course Sano-san sat beside of me (guess who was happy with her chosen seat!). And Wakeshima-san sat on the other head of the table beside Jenni~

And so the TEA PARTY began. The translator asked from the girl in front of me that would she serve the little cakes for Sano-san. But since she couldn't (maybe too shy or nervous?) the translator asked from me. I COULDN'T BELIEVE I DID IT! But it was necessary to do, because the 'head guests' of the TEA PARTY and because of that THEY have to take each of the served foods first before the other guests. The cakes were made with raspberry and blueberry - if I recall it right. And of course they where tasty~ I guess those where the ones where they needed the eggs the staff took in while the line up was still forming.

I really was pleased with the work of the translator! She kept the conversation going, though nobody had actually nothing to say - or actually we were only shy or just too nervous to say anything haha!
But to the conversation! kanonxkanon welcomed us to the TEA PARTY and of course were happy to have us there. We told them that it's great to have them here. Wakeshima-san asked what Finland is famous for (this question was to help her to speak more at the live about Finland) and where do we by our clothes (because she thought Jenni's lolita dress was so beautiful and cute). She also mentioned about the air guitar tournament and so on. Sano-san on the other had wanted to know our names, age and where are we from. No ulterior motive included! He said that he's 17 years old, but two of us said 'uso' while others where laughing!
While eating Sano-san gave to all of us some biscuits to eat with tea. The translator thought it would be tasting bad to us, but she was mistaken XD We should have given some salmiakki to them, but I wouldn't do that, since it's possible that Japanese people might even vomit because of the bad taste.

We continued eating and chatting. Then Sano-san wanted to write our names with kanji-characters, not with kana-characters. And of course he signed it too~ During the time he wrote the names, the translator told us that if we had brought some presents to Wakeshima-san we should give those to her at that time. I gave my present and she said it looked warm~ I also gave the present from Anni and Amina and told her that it's to both of them. She was happy to have some candy~

After we had given our presents to Wakeshima-san she gave each of us a fragrance candle that smelled like Vanilla! It also says 'kanonxkanon' on the top! It's a fan gift that no other than VIPs can have~ Here's a picture of it.
It's simple but cute~
And of course during the time she gave us the candles, we could give our presents to Sano-san. He looked happy for the scarf, but the great part was when he SNIFFED IT! (*fangirlattack*) Thank god I didn't grab him in to a hug XD But sadly I didn't use any perfume on it.. I SHOULD HAVE SPRAY SOME CK IN2U ON IT! There's so much things I should have done different T__T

After we had trade all our gifts, we could have a picture with kanonxkanon! Unfortunately I had a BAD HAIR DAY T__T but I'll publish the picture anyway. It proves that I actually met them! The whole TEA PARTY was filmed on video by the staff.

Thank you kanonxkanon for coming to Finland! I love their outfits TwT
The TEA PARTY ended 15 minutes before the doors were opened for the other audience. So we had a little time to shop for the tour products, but I didn't carry any more cash that was needed for the cloakroom. And they did sell Wakeshima Kanon's CDs, but I prefer buying the original Japanese press over Europe-press. So i passed~

We went in the hall in the front line and started waiting while the other audience entered into the hall and joining us.

This next is for those who weren't even at the concert. For those who were there it's probably unnecessary to tell about the concert itself, so~ This is about the concert:
First part was for Wakeshima-san's set only. She started with 'Still doll' and continued about 30-45 minutes. Among other songs she also played  'Marmalade Sky'. I guess all the songs from her newest release were played~ She did speak a little English, but right after she couldn't use it she spoke in Japanese. I did understand though, but I'm not quite sure about the others. I'm sure that the most of the VIPs understood too. Some fans also threw presents to the stage but Wakeshima-san got scared when the first little one was thrown to her feet. Poor girl. But she did go alright and found the presents thrown cute~ (A moomin -soft toy was thrown too) After her last song the spring got stuck in Nanachie-san (her red cello), but she did leave the stage with a smile on her face~

Then something happened what I never saw coming: Sano-san came on the stage and started to DJ with anime-tunes! He started by saying "tonight I'm the DJ! So... lets dance!" and then we danced~! It was fun to realize that all the songs he played were from anime-shows I had all watched! For example there was Gundam Seed and Ghost in the Shell! And it was a bit wired that the other audience didn't recognize the theme of Ghost in the Shell before they saw the face of the female character. Everyone screamed for his funny faces he made while drinking during the whole concert - I just think it was hot (well who wouldn't?)!
The DJ set was about 30 minutes too and after finished the set with An Cafe's song "Kakusei Heroism" Sano-san took off from the stage.

During the 'silent' time they showed a video, where they told that this was their 1st European Tour and what kind of people they are and so on and so forth. There was also Mr. Alien on the video who taught us how to dance during the song "Koi no Doutei". It was difficult but as they said in the end of the video, having fun was the most important part~ Personally I think that it was Sano-san in the alien costume |D (the costume was tight too.. @///@)

After the video the full kanonxkanon came to the stage! They had changed their clothes to the kimono-styled outfits and started to play the songs they've made together. Nanachie-san was also ready to go~ Among the others "Calendula Requiem" and "Doll house". They also played some VOCALOID, and my favorite, the theme of Sailor Moon! The reason why it was so good, was the part before the song started: Sano-san was hiding behind (or under to be exact) the table where the DJ stuff was. The audience started to laugh all the time when the fabric on the table moved a bit. It looked so wrong XD And I bet many people from the audience thought that he'll throw his pants, but no. After he showed the hand-mark 'perfect' he came out with the Tuxedo Mask costume! With a rose of course! During the song he wandered around the stage and whipped his face to the rose. Of course in the end he threw the rose in to the audience. (He also almost fell because of the cloak. Actually he fell afterwards twice, but luckily not off the stage.)

Then it was time for the last song: "Koi no Doutei". We danced to the song with the dance shown before and of course Sano-san danced too!
And so since it was the last song, after it was played they took off the stage.

Everyone still wanted an encore! And they did come back with the tour shirts on! They played "Koi no Doutei" again and Sano-san's dance went wild - I mean WILD! Using his pelvis all the time and .. oh gosh XD
But after the song was played Sano-san decided to come off the stage down to the between the safety fence and the stage. He got himself touched by the most of the people from the 3 fist lines in the audience. All together I touched the both of their hands about three times. Yes - this was a worth of mentioning haha! But I couldn't stand the other fans sitting outside the hall after the concert yelling like "OMG I TOUCHED TO HIS ARM!" I'm so glad that I'm over that fan status |D

But right before they took of the stage, Sano-san fell twice. Poor man. They did still both walk away from the stage with smiles on their faces~

But now there's nothing much more to say about the after time the concert~ We went to a place for some food with couple people from the VIPs and then separated to the hotel and I went to Kamppi to catch my buss to Espoo and to my sister's place~

So here was the most things I can recall from the VIP TEA PARTY and the concert. Please share your thoughts and experiences from the concert and TEA PARTY if you were in either of these via comment below~

Thank you for reading and take care you all my dear readers~ Love yah!

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  1. ´w` you must be happy now hon!

  2. Sounds really great. i am a bit jelous about the Tea party :D
    I didn´t even come to consert... unfortunately.

  3. Emma: I sure am~ I can live and die happily ever after now XD
    Sutsi: owww you really should have come to the concert! Its content went way higher than my expectations together! It was all fun TwT